The bubbling spirit of youth.

Veeturi Sundara Rama Murthy, who died an year or so ago was a multi-facetted genius. He was a facile and prolific writer who could write a lilting lyric of whatever genre, just at the drop of a hat.
Here is a lyric from the 1989 movie Gitanjali, set to great music by Ilayaraja.The song continues to be popular even after two decades. The brash protagonist in the movie and his band of irreverent young friends sing this song in the movie.. Soon enough the young man, (played by Akkinene Nagarjuna) comes to know that his days on earth are numbered. And he plunges headlong into an abyss of self-pity, He recovers his poise soon enough, after he meets an effervescent young girl ( played by Cirija Shettar). There is another sparkling song pictured on the young girl frolicking around in rain in the movie.About it, in another post.
The National Award-winning 1989 Telugu film was directed by Mani Ratnam. Here is the link to its wikipedia entry.
I reproduce the hit lyric by Veturi, followed by my translation into English.

Jagada jagada jagadam chesestaam
ragada ragada ragadam dunnestaam
egudu digudu gaganam memeraa pidugulam
marala marala jananam raaneeraa
marala marala maranam mingestaam
bhuvana bhagana garaLam maa pilupe dhamarukam
maa oopiri nippula uppena
maa oohalu kattula vanthena
maa debbaku dikkulu prikkatillipoye

charanam 1

aadede valapu nartanam paadede chilipi keertanam
sai ante sayyaatalo
maa venake vundi ee taram maa sakte maaku saadhanam
dhee ante dhiyyaatalo
nederaa neeku nestamu repe ledu
ninnante nindu sunna raa raane raadu
Yededu lokaala lona bantaata laadaali ee naade
taka takadimi takajhanu

charanam 2

padaneeraa virigi aakasam vidiponee bhoomi ee kshanam
maa paata saagenule
nadi reye soorya darsanam ragilindi vayasu indhanam
maa vedi raktaalake
O maaTa okka baanamu maa sidhdhaantam
poraatam maaku praanamu maa vedaantam
johaaru cheyaali lokam maa joru choosaaka ee naade
taka takadimi takajhanu


Fight, fight and we dogfight,
grate, grate and abrade, we do it till the finish. And bulldoze flat
the jagged,bumpy heavens. Beware, we are thunder-bolts.
We take birth, again and again, we don’t mind
dying and dying again. Prepared, we are, to gulp
miasmic venom that can wipe out the universe..We call out like dirge-drums.
We breathe out a tsunami of fire.
We dream of crossing bridges of razors.
We strike and the whole world trembles.

We trot a dance of love. We croon an irreverent psalm,
Say yes. Let’s frolic in the bed.
We lead this era. Our strength is our propeller.
Hit us.And you’ll get hit, and how !
Today, here and now, is your friend. Tomorrow, does it exist? Yesterday is a cipher, dead and gone.
Come ,let us play rugby across the seven globes, here and now, today.
Taka, takadhimi, takajhanu.

Charanam 2
Are the heavens about to collapse, don’t worry,let them. Is the earth crumbling apart this very moment, be it so. Our refrain doesn’t stop.
As our blood hots up,the Sun dawns in the night,
When our youth rages forth, it ignites the fuel.
It’s one word and one arrow with us. It is the only credo we profess.
‘Fight-it-out’, that’s the ultimate philosophy that we know.
The world can’t but salute us when it looks at our clout, today.
Taka takadhimi takajhanu.

Check out this video on YouTube, you’ll like it.


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