Rain, rain, stay put, we kids and grown-ups wish to celebrate.

Here is another great lyric and song from the off-beat Telugu hit movie Anand. Sung by Shreya GhoshaL, it was written, again, by Veeturi and set to memorable music by Radha Krishna.The effervescent, yet poignant lyric in Telugu is interspersed with my translation inyo English. followed by a link to to the clip from the movie.Hope you will like it.

Vache vache nalla mabbullara!
Giche giche pilla galullara!
Kallallona, ponguthunna badhalenno, makunnayi.
Gundelona, dachukunna gadhalenno, makunnayi,
Teerusthara?, badha, theerusthara ?
Galee, vanaa, lalee,padesthara?

Oh, Ye Clouds Dark, converging up, there over our heads,
Oh, You naughty Chilly Breeze, you keep on nipping and pecking at us.
We have travails, lots of them, poised to flood out of our eyes,
We have scores of sagas of despair buried deep inside our hearts.
Will you dissolve them? Can you resolve them?.
Or, will you just sing us, a lullaby, dear wind and rain, and be done with us?

Pilla papala vaana bulli padavala vaana
chaduvu badhani theerchi selavulichina vaana
gali vana tho thodi vedi vedi pakodi
Yeedu jodi te te te thodundale oh lady
indradhanusula thalukumane enni rangulo
inti sogasule thadisinavi neetipongulo
sravana maasala jalakalandam
jeevana ragalakidhe o mrudangam

The kid’s rain, the tiny-paper-boats-in-the-rain rain.
It has granted the kids a reprieve. Spared them the grind. And the bother of school and lessons.
Oh, you lady-lonesome hither. You need company, of some one your age made-just-for-you, what do you say!
The rainbow yonder, let me count its miriad hues, it’s so cute.
And lo, this comely girl, she is dripping all over, oh, it’s swells and spills all over.
This rain. Pouring down in this holy month of Sravan. It’s a treat, a darling.
Its welcome drum-beat complements the melody of work-a-day.life.

kori vachina e vaana goru vechanai na lona
mukku lo siggu musiresthe muddulatale muripana
merise merise andalu thadise thadise paruvalu
gali vanala pandillu kougilinthala pellillu
nemali eekalu ulike pade evari kannulo
chinuku chatuna chitikelatho eduru chupulu
nallani meghala merupulandam
theerani dahala valapu pandem.

This rain comes seeking-after me, It swamps me, warms me up, My Cod,
with wet kisees, even as my nose blushes pink bashfully.
Shiny, shiny beauties, drenching, drenching youths,
Gala pavilions of gale and rain, verily the of venues of weddings and nuptials.
Whose are those eyes there, that sparkle like eyes of peacock-feathers?,p
That lonely, wait, with bated breath, sheltered from the showers, counting the minutes? The allure of lightning, streaking through the dark clouds,
It’s verily the grappling with each other, of, unquenchable lusts for fullfillment.

Check out this video on YouTube:


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