Looks like it isn’t yet dawn.

The young lady is wistful and restless. Her handsome husband, a singer of exceptional merit, and potential is giving a public performance. She is sure that it would be a precursor to a lot many more such performance, yielding a flood of money and fame How she wished him to be beside her to share her happiness at the prospect. She smiles at her thought. How can he possibly perform somewhere else and be with her too at the same time. She can not hope to have the cake and eat it too. She is aware that hussies abound, in the heady environs that her dear husband is likely to frequent, who can tempt even a steadfast sage But she is not unduly worried. After all her husband and his brothers, as young destitutes were adopted by her virtuous father-in-law and brought up to be exemplars, they will not stray.

The young man is singing of Lord Srinivasa and His Consort Alamelu Manga. The young singer’s , handsome and talented brothers are accompanying him on violin and mridangam, sitting beside him on either side, on the raised open-air platform. The performance is sponsored by a renowned winery.
The audience are spread far and wide on the beach sands, sitting four-to-a-table, at their tables, savoring their food and drinks. There is a big lighted cut-out of a wine bottle with its brand name prominently painted on it, a few steps above, behind him. An young hostess wearing a red sash across her torso, coyly draws attention of the audience for a moment, to the sponsors and rustles down the steps The singer cranes his head sideways up to catch a glimpse of the young hostess. The young man feels thirsty, what possible wonders can a glass of sparkling red wine possibly do to his singing, he thinks. As though reading his thoughts, the girl goes and gets them a few glasses of a bubbling drink on a platter. There is public all around. The young man thinks it prudent to decline. There is another attractive hostess, decked in a fine turquoise saree who is going around the audience, smiling. She evidently relishes the song, she is drumming on her knuckles with the fingers of the other hand, keeping time with the song.
The hostess discreetly gestures to the performers whether they would like to have a quick bite of some goodies in the interlude. The carnival goes on. Looks, like dawn is still far away. The song goes on. The audience are savoring their food and drinks and, may be a bit of the performance too.

‘Telavarademo Swami’ from The 1990 Telugu Movie Sruthilayalu was directed by K Viswanath, the lead players of the movie being, Doctor Raj Sekhar and Sumalatha The Music was by KV. Mahadevan. The nice lyric was penned by
Sirivennela Sita Rama Sastry and rendered sweetly by K.J. Yesudas In Raga Abheri .

For a long time after I saw the movie, I kept thinking that this lyric was one of many such romantic lyrics penned over five hundred years ago by Annamayya. Only when I sat down seriously to know more about the lyric that i realized that it was in fact written by Sirivennala.
Here is the lyric in Roman script, interspersed with my attempt at translation into English, followed by a link to an YouTube video of the song. Hope you will like it.

Telavaarademo Swami
Telavaarademo Swami
Nee talapula munukalo .. alasina deveri
Alamelu Mangakoo..
Telavaarademo Swami

Looks like, it isn’t yet dawn, My Lord,
Yes, it looks like, it isn’t yet dawn, My Lord,
To Alamelu Manga, She is spent and tired,
Having waded through dreams of You all night.

Cheluvamunelaga .. chengata levani
kalataku nelavai nilachina nelataku
Cheluvamunelaga .. chengata levani
kalataku nelavai nilachina nelataku

The lady, looks forlorn,
the very image of distress,
For, You are not beside Her,
To lord over her beauty.

Kalala alajadiki niddura karavai
Kalala alajadiki niddura karavai
Alasina deveri .. alasina deveri
Aamelu mangakoo..
Telavaarademo Swami

Dreams rage, in her mind, of You.
Sleep eludes her.
Sure, it looks like, it isn’t yet dawn, My Lord,
To Lady Alamelu Manga. She is spent and tired,

Makkuva meeraga .. akkuna jerichi
angaju kelini ponguchu telchaga
Makkuva meeraga .. akkuna jerichi
angajau kelini ponguchu telchaga

As His desire gets out of hand ,
He envelopes Her. In a tight embrace.
And swelling with love,
He makes Her float around in a game of Love.

Aa maata ne madi mari mari talachaga..
mari mari talachaga..
alasina deveri .. Alamelu mangakoo..
Telavaarademo swami.

As she pours over this, in her mind, over and over,
The Lady, is, spent and tired.
It looks like, it isn’t yet dawn, My Lord.
To Alamelu Manga,

Check out this video on YouTube:


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