Guns kill people. Guns wielded by goons and loons.

They say it is people that kill people, – not guns. Agreed, it’s not guns that kill people. It’s people, insane, ignorant and arrogant people that kill defenseless people. Insane, they kill just for the heck of it, killing randomly at school children or movie-viewers. Or insane in their belief that those who do not look like themselves, have no right to live or even, just be in their neighborhood.or on the surface of the planet even, if they can have their arrogant way, with out check. Ignorant because they do not know or care to know anything about who their peaceful and law-abiding neighbors going quietly about their own business and contributing their mite to the community in their own harmless way,, were and what they were up to, neighbors who had as much right to be there as they themselves do . Arrogant because they arrogate to themselves the role of deciding what is right and which is wrong and what is lawful and which is not, regardless of the law and order mechanisms that the society had provided for the welfare and security of all.
Yes,It is not guns that kill people, it is insane, ignorant and arrogant people with guns. But it is guns too, that kill people and it is big and powerful guns in the hands of mad people on the rampage that kill lot more people. Yes, it is guns that kill people. Guns that are put in their hands, ostensibly to protect themselves, but are instead used to murder innocent and unarmed men, women and kids in cold blood.
My heart goes out to all such innocent people who keep losing their own lives or limbs or the lives or limbs of people who are or whom they regard as, their own kith and kin, in such senseless acts of carnage perpetrated in cold blood by insane, ignorant and arrogant people, with unbridled access to powerful and automatic weapons.


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