Ladies ! Have a look at The Lord, here as an infant.

Here is a lyric of Annamacharya dealing with the birth of Lord Krishna on the eighth day of the second (darker, bahula or Krishna paksham) fortnight of the month of Sravana, the day being popularly referred to as Krishnaashtami or Janmashtami all across India. It is believed that Lord Krishna, the infant , even as he was just born, granted the good fortune to his mortal parents Devaki and Vasudeva of viewing Him for a while, manifesting Himself in all His divine glory. Then He makes them forget this completely and reverts to his human incarnation as the new born infant infant Krishna. Annamayya also refers to Krishna being brought up as the child of Nanda Gopa and Yasoda of the shepherd clan.

Lord Venkateswara was the dear deity (ishta deivam) of Annamayya whom he extolled in countless beautiful lyrics. Venkateswara is regarded as a manifestation of Lord Vishnu. In this Lyric Annamayya recounts the story Janmashtami from Bhagavatam, of Lord Krisna being born to Devaki and then reverts to his dear deity Venkateswara with his consort Alarmelu Manga beside him as none other than Krishna, the new born infant.

The lyric entiltled Satulala Chudare, ( No, V.14-453), is set to music in the Kapi ragam by Garimella Bala Krishna Prasad.

I give below my attempt at translation in to English of this beautiful lyric.It is followed by the Telugu lyric in Roman script.

Ladies ! Have a look at The Lord.

Come. Have a look at this Krishna, there are legends legion of him. He is born on the Sravana Bahulaashtami day. at midnight.
How is it he is appears with four arms and holding his conch and discus, just as he is born, this Krishna, here ?
He is wearing his crown and other jewelry too, similarly. Look at him, he stands just before you. This Krishna, here.
Brahma and Rudra have come. They are at the door step and as they sing paeans to him, He listens to them with relish.
He has talked endearingly to his mother Devaki and then a lot more with his father Vasudeva too, this Krishna, here, with his all-surpassing celestial powers.

And to fill the void in the lives of Nanda Gopa and Yasoda, he then goes to them as their child.
Now he stands here before me, as the haughty Lord Venkateswara along with His consort Alamelu Manga, this my Lord here,Krishna.

Satulala Chudare.

Satulala chudare Sravana Bahulaashtami,
Katalaaye nadureyi kalige Sri Krishniudu !

Putteyapude chaturbhujaloo sankhu chakraloo
Yettu dharinchene ee Krishnudu.
Atte kireetamu aabharanaaloo dharinchi
Etta eduuta vunnadu ee Krishnudu

Vachi Brahma, Rudrudu vaakita nutiyinchaganu
Ichaginchi vinuchunnadee Krishnudu
Muchataadi Devaki to munchi Vasudevunito
Hechina mahimalato ee Krishnudu

Kodateera mari Nanda Gopunakoo Yasoda koo
Idivo taa biddadaaye nee Krishnudu
Adana Sri Venkatesudai Alamelmanga goodi
Yedutane vunnadu ee Krishnudu.

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