I’m an Island unto myself. The whole world is mine

The couple loved each other, while studying medicine abroad. Just as they get down to wed each other, the boy knows that he is struck with cancer. He doesn’t tell her, ditches her, returns alone, goes incognito,he does not want her to know of his condition and get stuck with him. The girl is forlorn.Another girl finds him serving the society stoically. Likes him. He pretends to like her so as to propel his own hapless girl friend, to leave him without compunction. Pretty well-worn story line.But I like the lyric and the song.
This poem reportedly penned by Sirivennela long before he achieved renown formed the core for the film Chakram directed by Krishna Vamsee. The music is by Chakree. The song I google and find with difficulty, is sung by Shree, The roles of the boy and the girl who loved each other, were donned by Prabhas and Asin.

I’m an Island unto myself. The whole world is mine

This whole world. It is my entire family. Yet I live, a recluse.
I wade along in this ocean, that is my family. Yet, I live in my own lonely vacuum, i’ve renounced this world. I live, as a poet, as his poetry.
as a husband, as his wife
on a highway carpeted with jasmines, or within a snow encrusted desert. Showers of encomiums extolling my victory and sprays of heady scent sometimes, tears pouring out like water falls sometimes.
I follow myself, I mate with myself .
Alone always ,
I perceive perennially,
dreams and anecdotes,
talks and songs,
colors and colorful sketches,
poetry nice. like young girls. and young girls, real ones.
I’m the bright eye in the sky I’m the scorching fire in the eye. I’m the cool moon light that follows the blaze.
and the fire of desire that the cool light rakes up.
I’m the sun I’m the moon
I’m the bright day I’m the dark night
I walk hand in hand with myself to my perdition. I mate with myself.

Alone, solitary every moment.
I perceive without end,
rays. and their golden hues
the long limbs of the deers. the swift movements of their feet, the times that move forward I dunno leading to where ultimately and the divine magic behind all this .
There goes in a palanquin carried along by the winds, the babe, my poetry. She goes out in state.
She closes shut the door of my voice, behind her. My heart turns silent, bereft of its voice.
My heart, its my courtyard, my heart, its the mother of my poem, my heart, its my better-half, it is the thinnest sickle moon that you find on a new moon day, before it peters out.

Jagamantha kutumbam naadi, Ekaki jeevitham naadi

Jagamantha kutumbam naadi, Ekaki jeevitham naadi
Samsara saagaram naade, Sanyasam shunyam naade

Kavinai, kavithanai,
bharyanai, bharthanai,
Mallela darilo, manchu edarilo
Panniti jaya gitala, kanniti jalapatala

Nato nenu anugamistu, naato nene ramistuu
Vantarinai anavatharam, kantunnanu nirantharam

Kalalni, kathalni,
maatalni, paatalni
Rangulni, ranga vallulni,
kaavya kanyalni, aada pillalni

Mintiki kantini nenai Kantanu mantanu nenai Mantala maatuna vennela nenai
Vennela pootala mantanu nenai
Ravi nai shashi nai
Divamai nishinai

Naa to nenu sahagamistunna.. Naa to nenu ramistuu..
Ontarinai prati nimusham Kantunnanu nirantharam

Kiranalni kiranala Harinalni harinaala Charanalni charanala Chalananni
kanarani Gamyala kaalanni. Indrajalanni

Gali pallakilo tarali Naa pata papa uregi vedale Gontu vakili musi marali tanu Mugapoina naa gunde migile
Naa hrudayame naa logili Naa hrudayame naa pataku talli Naa hrudayame naa ku aali Naa hrudayamlo idi cineevaali.

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