The rain-maiden lets her hair down.

Here is another nice rain song, “Chinuku chinuku andelatho” by Sirivennela Sita Rama Sastry from the Telugu Movie ‘Mayalodu’
Here is my attempt at its translation into English followed as usual by the lyric in original in Roman script. A video clip follows.

The rain-maiden lets her hair down.

Bewitched, she loses sight of her body and without a care in the world, she dances gracefully, the rain-maiden. Unties the knot and lets her long dark wet tresses of rain clouds down. And drops of rain fall pitter-patter, sounding like her anklets. Like she’s sprinkling dainty blossoms of drizzle on you, gracefully. Even as the sky above and the earth below, shiver in the cold,
she hustles us into a tight embrace in a cozy haven, of tree-branches knit together by wild creepers. I know not why, but the tight embrace in the arbor brings warm sun-light into my heart.
The tiny cloud thunders ominously. . The young deer is afraid, like she sensed a snare Like a swift rustling stream, she clings hard to me.
(note: the deer clinging to the protogonist reminds me of the incident in Allasani Peddana’s great Telugu epic, Manu Charitra, wherein the Deity of the forest taking the shape of a deer requests Swarochi to fondle her and clings to him)
Mom-rain-drop, lady-lightning, when they tap playfully on the cheek, why, I don’t know, my tender thoughts and my budding desire start dancing taka jhum taka jhum
Her body, wet and dripping all over, the young maiden, starts to dry herself, it’s time she does. My mind goes out of control.
Her youthful body is wet, deep down to her core.
Chill winds whirl wildly around in my mind.
There are rains, there are floods.
I understand now what it is that youth means.
I get blind with desire,
Her sly sideways glance of longing says yes, it’s okay.
Her desire latent, nods assent without fuss.
Do we need to dip at all, in tandem, into the Ganga to formalize the union? No need, we are In the alleyway of love. She seats herself in my lap, clings to me like we are one and the same.
She says go ahead, this, my princess. Binds me to herself with a tight knot of lust. Ahaa , oho ,aaha.

Chinuku chinuku andelatho

Chinuku chinuku andelatho, chitpata chiru savvaditho,
neeli mabbu, kurula mudini, jara vidichi, vollu marachi
vana jaana aadindee, vayyaramga, neella pulu, jallindee singaramgaa. Ningi nela yee vela, chaliki vaniki potunte,
bigi kougili podarintiki pada padamandi
Yee kougilinthalona yeloo, gundello yenda kaase yeloo

Are, pinna mabbu urimindee,
paduchu jinka bedirindee, valaveyaga, selayerai pena vesindee. Are. chinukamma,merupamma yeloo
chitikesthe bugga meeda yeloo
talapoo tholivalapoo ika taka jhum taka jhum
vayasu thadi sogasu ara virise samayam

manasu pattu tappindi vayasu guttu tadisindi
yedalopala chaligalula sudi regindi
vanoche varadoche yeloo
vayasante telisoche yelo

meni chupu poindi valu chupu sye andi
cheli korika alavokaga thala vupindi
are, sarasala sandulona yeloo
sari ganga tanalu yeloo
vodilo ika okatai tanu takathai ante
sarasaniki dorasani ika mudi pedutunte

The director S.V.Krishna Reddy has a bizarre sense of humour. He depicts the beautiful lyric as the longing pipe dream of a clown, (BabuMohan) for the cherub Soundarya. The resulting parody is a surrealistic disaster. Other directors have depicted a similar impossible longing of a clown towards a dsirable young lady, like that of the Joker in “Mera Naam Joker” and that of the midget in “Vichitra Sahodarulu”, but the sensitive pathos-laden treatment makes them poignant and memorable, not bizarre and makes you love and sympathize with the poor fellows.

Check out this video on YouTube, if you wih.


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