This, Jaipur Rubber artificial foot, it interpreted the science of dance .

‘Ee Padam ilalona’ is a lyric written Veturi for the 1984 Telugu Movie : Mayuri
featuring Sudha Chandran in the lead role, which was directed by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao
The music for this movie composed by S.P.Balasubrahmanyam and the title song of the movie, based mainly on Hindolam was rendered by his sprightly sister with a canary-like voice, S.P. Sailaja. The movie was based on the real life of the graceful female lead player Sudha Chandran.

Check out this video on YouTube, before , I come to my translation of the lyric into English and about the story behind the lifeless rubber foot that came to life when the young girl felt, enough was enough, an accident ought not to prevent her from dancing when she was in a mood to.

Here is my attempt at translation into English of this yet another great song by the immortal Veturi.

The foot that dances.

This foot, it embodies the ancient science of dance.
This foot, causes bliss even to the Divine Dancer, Nata Raja,
The tome that lays down the wavy ups and downs of the relentless progress of time, this foot. This foot, it adorned the fierce snake,
This foot ,that spelt the doom of the great king of yore, of the demons , Bali,
The great river Ganga spewed forth from this foot, and the Godavari swelled out of this stony foot.
It manifested into each feet of every song it set about, itself to interpret. And It turned itself likewise into each leg of each epic poem it took up. Its very breath a song, rhythm and grace blossoming out of it. This foot. This foot is at the pinnacle of The Seven Hills,
This foot is the blossom that grants the nectar, that the insects, the devotees of Lakshmi, flock to feed on. This foot is the music that the metrical poetry is set to.
It is the divine scent of the sandalwood that pervaded the mind of Tyagayya,
This foot, it is the poetry for the common folk that Annamayya wrote and danced to, This foot, indeed was the path that Varadayya pointed us to.
This foot indeed is the foot that is worshipped by, divine sages and musicians Tumburu and Narada and by even common folk. This great foot.

Ee paadam (Transliteration into Roman script)

Ee paadam, ilalona natya vedam.
Ee paadam, Nataraju ke pramodam.
Kala gamanaala gamakaala grandham
Ee paadam .

Ee padame .. minnaagu talaku andam.
Ee padame ..aanaati Baliki antam.
Tanalone Gangamma uppongaga
Shilalone a Goutame pongaga
Pata paatalo tanu charanamaina vela
Kaavyageetilo tanu padamaina vela
Gaaname tana praanamai
layalu hoyalu virisina
Ee paadam ….

Ee padame aa saptagiriki shikharam
Ee padame shree bhakta kamala madhupam
Vaaggeya sahitya sangeetam ai
Tyaagayya chittana shree gandham ai
A padame ila annamayya padam ai
A padame varadayya natya padham ai
Tunbura swara Naarada munulu janulu kolichina
Ee paadam ….

ThecHindi version of the song, was sung by S.Janaki. The tune, to the original lyric of Veturi was set to by the Music Director of the Telugu movie Mayuri, SPB, was later borrowed by the music directors of the Hindi version of the Movie, Lakshmikant, Pyarelal, who walked away with the National award for the song, reportedly, with out even acknowledging that it was originally composed to music by SPB .

Check out this video on YouTube:

To glean a bit more about the great crooner S.Janaki who rendered the celebrated Hindi version please .follow this link.

Here is a link to a video interview with Sudha about the grievous accident that changed her life, well, not entirely, I would say, in salutation to her. Check out this video on YouTube:

This great song by Veturi has a close parallel in the Annamacharya lyric, ” Ee padame kadaa .” set to music by Garimella Bala Krishna Prasad.

You may check this video, out on YouTube:


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