It is not that you do not know me. Still you are cross with me. Why?

My two previous posts have dealt en passant, with Kshetrayya ( Varadayya), and his romantic songs dedicated to The Lord Gopala of Muvva. Here is a Muvva Gopala padam by Kshetrayya. In this poem Kshetrayya imagines himself to be a girl friend of the Lord Gopala (Krishna) stationed in the village Muvva ( in Andhra Pradesh), and pours forth before the Lord his love and affection to Him as a girl would to her indifferent lover.
Included in the 1953 movie Deva Dasu, the lyric set to music by Subbarayan was rendered greatly by Ravu Bala Saraswathi. In the movie’s storyline the good natured, kind hearted courtesan Chandramath ( played by Lalitha, the eldest of the Travancore sisters performs the song-dance sequence in the presence of a distracted, uncomfortable and ill-at-ease Deva Dasu, played by ANR.
Here is a translation of this lyric into English, followed by the Telugu lyric in original, in Roman script.
I am sure you will like the rendering of the song by R.BalaSaraswathi. and as dance by Lalitha in this You Tube video of the great song from this sixty year old, great hit movie.

You know everything, My Lord . Why be cross with me.

You are so knowledgeable, so worldly-wise, still you behave this way? Are you cross with me? Muvva Gopala! My Lord !
You get angry with me, you do not come home to me.
Do I have maids to keep me company, or send to bring you back home.
The only maiden that I have is you alone. The only boy friend that I have is you alone. Come to think of it, My Lord and My Deity are you and you alone. You are so knowledgeable, so worldly-wise, still……
You treat me like alien being, you consider me as some stranger different from you, you do not choose to come to me. Do I have any confidante ? Do I have some one to care for me ?-2
You alone are my confidante, my very conscience. If there is at all some one who would care for me, it is again you alone. None else.
I look again and again, but I find that it is you alone that pervade my entire life. You are so knowledgeable, so worldly-wise, still……
Love me. And lord over me, Muvva Gopala ! -2
Will any one other than your own will he take pleasure in you ?
If you feel you are separate from me, be it so. But you are the only one whom I trust in and whom I choose to serve. And I will serve you alone, happily and with pleasure.
You are so knowledgeable, worldly-wise, still……

Inta Telisi yundi……

Inta telisiyundi yee gunamelara !? Pantamaa? Muvva Gopalaa! Naa saamee! -2 Aluka jesi intiki raavaitivi. -2
Chelikattelunnaaraa? Piluva vaccheraa? -2
Chelikattevaina neeve ? Cheluvudavaina neeve? -2
Talachi chooda naa swamee daivamu neeve?
Inta telisiyundi….
Vintha daanivale nannu, veru chesi raavaithivi.
Antarangulunnaraa ? Nannaadarincheraa? -2
Antarangamaina neeve aadarinchina neeve.
Enchenchi chooda naa jeevanamunu neeve.
Inta telisiyundi…
Preminchi Muvva Gopalaa nannelaraa -2
Naanekulevaraina anandincheraa? -2
Naanekudaina neeve, nammi kolichina neeve.
Haayiga kolicheda naanandamuna ninne.
Inta telisiyundi yee gunamelara?

Check out this video on YouTube:


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