Kuchela visits his childhood chum.

Kuchela, the poor Brahmin guy, is at a loss how to feed his wife and children. His wife suggests that he go and meet his childhood friend and classmate, who is now rich, famous and great. He hesitates. He doen’t wish to degrade his relationship with his chum.And he is not sure how he will be received by The Lord and his eight consorts. More importantly, he doesn’t have anything to give his great friend whom he is meeting after ages, as a gift. His wife packs him a few morsels of flakes of pounded-puffed rice, a few to eat on the way and the remaining to present to The Lord.
He reaches the Lord’s abode, but the poor man is denied admittance by the sentries. The Lord appears meanwhile before the poor man, recognises him and takes him into his parlour. He treats him with great courtesy, seating him on his own comfortable chair, sits at the feet of his embarassed visitor, washes the feet, applies sandalwood paste to his chin and forearms, garlands him, and asks his friend playfully whether he had brought him any goodies as a present, as was his wont in their childhood. The poor man is overwhelmed at the reception, but is ashamed and reticent to reveal what he had brought as his gift to his friend, now The Great Lord.
Krishna, takes the liberty and grabs the gift hidden in the multiple folds of the poor man’s upper garment, tied into a knot securly. The Lord eats two morsels out of the parched rice his friend has brought. He is prevented by his dear wife Rukmini from eating more, saying that The Lord has made himself so indebted to the poor man, that he has to grant him wealth which would suffice for several generations to come in his lineage.If the lord eats a morsel more, he would be so indebted as to keep him company for ever and serve him. She is concerned that the lord is not leaving the poor man anything to eat on his return journey, In her innocent concern, she. Overlooks that yhe poor man is already exempted from want, by his dear friend.
This touching episode from Sri Madbhagavatam is recounted in this video clip from the movie Krishnavataaram, depicting Lord Krishna,(played byNTR), as an epitome of friendship


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