Tyagaraja at the cross roads, seeks directions from The Lord.

Sruthi Ranjani is one of several exotic raagas created by Tyagaraja. It is the descendant of Kanthamani, the 61st basic complete raaga ( mela kartha), it is a vivadi raaga ( conflicting raaga).
It has the suddha nishadam which is in fact an overlap of Chattuhsruti Dhaivatam, to put it simply. This makes the rendering of the raaga a bit tricky, – you have to see that there is a smooth transition from the evenly spaced starting half of the notes to the closely packed next half of notes. One needs to ensure that the nishaadam sounds clean and far distant from shadja and also make sure that the shadja doesn’t get forlorn.
There seem to be no other lyrics in this raaga except Tyagaraja’s emotion-packed ‘ Ye daari Sancharinthura, ( Which way do you suggest for me, My Lord?)

I find the following rendering of this soulful lyric at this video on YouTube:

by M.P.Sruthi Ravali, D/O Smt.Manda Sudharani.
on 19-02-2011,at the Ravindra bharathi auditorium, Hyderabad.

Here is another rendering of the song by the same artist I have gleaned on YouTube:

Here is a link to a translation of the lyric into Kannada. The lyrics import is also succinctly given there in English



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