Papa, I can’t stay away from you.

Here is one of quite a few soothing Tatwams, (philosophical folk songs), that we as children, used to listen to, on the AIR (All IndiaRadio) in the early mornings about five or sis decades ago. Later in the seventies I bought a cassette which contained a nice selection of tatwams rendered soulfully by Dr. M. Bala Murali Krishna, which I lost somewhere over the years.
The tatwam in Yadukula Kambhoji ragam being played by some one with good taste along a pleasant journey from somewhere to somewhere across the nice Telugu countryside, is an ardent supplication by its protagonist, to his dear father , the Lord Siva, not to leave him, because he is after all, Siva’s dear young son. He taunts Siva that unless He saves His hapless son, all the great appellations with which all His ardent devotees refer to Him would be worth just a cipher.. Happy viewing.
I have succeededin getting tthe legend behind the video clip. I copy it here below.i do not know who the person with taste who shot the video for our benifit is, but my thanks to him for posting it on the net.

“Beautiful Telugu devotional Thathvam on Lord Siva, in raga Yadukulakamboji, composed by Mahadeva Shambho; tuned and sung by Dr.M.Balamuralikrishna. I was playing this in my car during a drive from Srivilliputtur to Thenkasi early one morning and felt that the music and the beauty of the scenery complemented each other. Now you can enjoy this too :-)”


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