Yasoda’s spirited defence of her naughty kid. –2

Further to my last entry about the dance-darama in the 1950 ‘s movie Maya Bazar, I find that Annamayya also had written a sweet lyric, (Kaanarate, Pencharate ?) about how Yasodamma goes to a spirited rescue of her dear child. Here is a link to a beautiful rendering of the lyric by the Telugu koel, P. Suseelamma.This fighting defence of the spirited mother, of her ineffable kid, is set to music aptly,( perhaps with his toungue in his cheek,- after all, he is named after the kid, you see) by G. Bala Krishna Prasad in the veera rasa (valour and fighting spirit) signifying raaga, Attana.


Here is the lyric in Roman Script and my translation into English, so that you csn appreciate how Annamayya identifies himself with Yasoda and his Lord Venkateswara as the kid Krishna.

.pallavi—- kAnaraTe peMcaraTe kaTakaTa biDDalanu | nEnu mIvalenE kaMTi neyyamaina biDDani

caranam— bAyiTa bAravEsina pAlu vennalunu | cEyi veTTakuMdurA cinnibiDDalu |
mIyiMDlu jatanAlu mIrusEsikonaka | pAyaka dUrErEla pratilEni biDDanu ||

caranam— mUsina kAgulanE yImuMgiTa perugulU | AsapaDakuMdurA AbiDDalu |
vOsariMci mOsapOka vuMDalEka mIru | sEsEriMtEni dUru cepparAni biDDani ||

caranam—cokkamaina kopperala junnulu jinnulunu | cikkina viDuturA cinnibiDDalu |
mikkili pUjalusEsi meccciMcadagadA | yekkuvaina tiruvEMkaTESuDaina biDDani ||u
This lyric that is copied from this link
Here is my translation of this lyric into English

Haven’t you delivered babes? haven’t you brought them up?
I have given birth too, to this lovable kid, like you did, your kids.
You carelessly throw away your milk and butter outside your house and do you expect kids not to thrust their hands into them ( help themselves to them)?
Can’t you look after your homes and your work properly? Why do you without let up find fault with my incomparable kid?
Young kids after all, won’t they be tempted by ghee stored in your covered utensils or curds that they find  before them?
Why don’t you just leave? Can’t you be more careful so that you are not cheated thus? Why are you intent on so badly  blaming my ineffable kid?
When they find pure tasty cheese or something else like that near at hand in that wide-mouthed vessel, do you think, young kids can leave them alone?
Don’t you think you ought to worship ardently, this great kid, this Sri Venkateshwara?


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