Yasoda’s spirited defence of her naughty kid.

Have you heard about the naughty pranks of young little Krishna recounted to, or rather enacted before the grown up Krishna dramatically, in the opera ‘Vinnavamma oh Yasoda’ in the ever green 1950’s hit movie Maya Bazaar You can view it in this video on YouTube:

You can also find at the concluding part of the video, the heart-wrenching plea of Draupadi, to the Lord to save her honour and how he protects her even while remaining still in the theatre,. You can also see Balarama assure Krishna that he would chastise Duryodhana and restore to Pandavas their kingdom which Duryodhana cheated them of, with the help of the biased dice of Sakuni.

You can also check out three cute Children perform this dance drama in the nice video uploaded to YouTube by “tryGowriUSA (Akshay, Tulasi, Spoorthi – Ugadi 2010 Performance) “. The translation provided by the kind uploader is also copied below.

Gowri’s presentation
Lyrics Translation:
Vinnava yashodamma, Vinnava Yashodamma, Mee Chinni Krishnudu chesinnatti, Allari, chillari panulu
Oh, mother Yashoda, oh mother Yashoda! Have you heard about the naughty pranks of your little Krishna? Anyam punyam erugani paapadu, mannu thine naa chinni thanayudu My little innocent son, who doesn’t know good from bad, who even eats mud.. Yemi chesenamma? Enduku ravva cheturamma?
What did he do? Why do you make a fuss?
Hanh? Mannu thine vada, venna thine vadaa?
Is that so? Is he one who eats mud? Or is he one who eats butter? Kaali gajjala sandadi cheyaka, pilli malle maa intlo doori
Without making a sound with his anklets, he entered our homes, quiet as a cat. Etthu ga kattina vuttandukukoni, gutthalanni kinda dinchukoni
He managed to reach the pots of butter hung up high, then bringing down the pots… Paalanni thaagesenamma, perugantha jurresenamma, vennantha mekkesanamma Drank up all the milk, wolfed down all the curds and eat up all the butter! Okkade etla thinesanamma, ekkadanaina kaladamma? Idi ekkadanaina kaladamma?
How did I eat up everything? Can you believe such a thing can ever happen? Isn’t it unbelievable?
Vinnavatamma? Vinnavatamma, O Yashoda, Gopika ramanula kallalu? Ee gopika ramanula Kallalu? O mother Yashodaa, did you hear the lies these gopikas speak? Ah? Ela bukkaristhunnado! Poni pattiddamante chikkuthaada?
Oh! How he denies so boldly! But, if we try to catch him red-handed, does he get trapped? Bhaamalandaroka yuktini panni, gummamunokaruga vechi yundaga
When all the women folk thought of a plan, and lay in wait, one at each entrance.. Okarintlo vini gajjala gala gala
We heard the sound of anklets in one home.
Okarintlo vini venu gaanamu
We heard the song of the flute in another home.
Aha inke donga dorikenani poyi choodaga, chenguna yetao daati poye
Thinking, “Ah! we have found the thief!”, when we looked, he quickly gave us the slip! Ela voccheno ela poyeno! Chilipi Krishnune adagavamma!
How did he come? And how did he disappear? Ask the adorable naughty little Krishna himself! Nakenthelusu? Nenakkada lende!
How do I know? I wasn’t even there!
Then where were you?
Kalindi maduguna vishamunu kalipe, Kaliyu thalapai thandavamaadi
In the Kalindi pool, where Kaliya was spreading poison, I performed thandavam on his hoods! Aa visha sarpamunanthamu chesi
I subdued that poisonous and mighty snake and..
Govula challaga kaachane, govula challaga kaachane, govula challaga kachane Protected the cows and kept them safe while they grazed.
Idi yella Sri Krishnuni vaari leela
All this is the divine and sweet play of Lord Sri Krishna.
Jai satya sankalpa, jai Sesha thalpa
Praise to You whose thought is truth, Praise to You who reclines on Aadi seshu. Jai dushta samhara, Jai deena kalpa
Praise to You who destroys all evil, Praise to You who grants succor to the helpless. Jai Bhakta paripaala, Jai Jagatjaala
Praise to You who protects and looks after the well being of his devotees, Praise to


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