Maa telugu Talli ikimalle poodanda — T.SuryaKumari.

The present generations do not in general know much about Tanguturi Surya Kumari. In fact, I also do not know much about this great lady, who sang the anthem of the Telugu people, ” Maa Telugu Talli ki Malle poodanda “, the great lyric authored by Sankarambadi Sundaracharyulu, except that she was the niece of Andhra Kesari Prakasm Pantulu Garu, and that she acted in a few Telugu movies, sang some great songs and then migrated to England and there married an Englishman and settled down there.
The ‘Telugu Talli’ , song used to be sung along with the National Anthems, by us children in schools on the Independence Day and The Republic Day when we were young. My mom, who belonged to her generation, was a great fan of Surya Kumari.
It is unfortunate that partisan Telugu politics, have relegated this great song belonging to Telugu people living any where in India or the world, to background.
Here is a video of the grand lady singing this song in England, in her old age, in 1986. Seeing her sing this anthem one is reminded of another great Telugu song, ” Ye desamegina yendu kaalidina pogadara nee talli Bhoomi Bharati ni. Nilupara nee jaiti nindu gowravamu.”

Check out this video on YouTube:

The following link leads you to a number of her quaintly sweet songs.


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