The little boy has grown handsome and tall, enormously.

Here is my translation into English of yet another nice lyric of Annamacharya about Krishna, the lovable kid. The Telugu lyric in Roman script, follows the translation.
The lyric was nicely set to music in Hindolam raga by G. Bala Krishna Prasad. A link that follows leads to the song rendered beautifully by him.

The little boy grows tall, enormously.

As graces pour out from his face, the smooth face brims with love.
Tied around his hip, jingle bells, small ones, little ones and tiny ones , jangle about chiming and chinkling melodiously. He approaches thus, this smiling guy,
and stretches his lotus-like hands forward, seeking to be embraced or carried around on your hip.
He wears necklaces of real gems of thirty two kinds , and garlands of real pearls.
not to speak of emerald-studded necklaces which look and shine like the sickle-moon,
As he is churned around by indulgent hands, he boasts that he is The Almighty and prances around this way and that.
And lo! this little boy, Krishna, the Supreme Being, has now grown handsome and tall as the heavens. He turns very much, into the Lord of the Venkata hill, himself, overwhelming everyone with his great deeds.

(v5-30) Muddulu Momuna

Muddulu momuna munchaganoo,
niddapu koorimi nincheenee.
Mola chiru gantalu, muvvalu, gajjelu
galagala managaa kadalaganoo,
yela navvulatho yeethadu vacchee,
Jalalapu chetulu chachenee.
Acchapu gucchu, muthyala haaramulu,
patchala chandra abharanamuloo,
tatchina chetula taane daivamani,
atchata nichata adenee.
Baludu Krishnudu, Parama Purushudoo,
Nelaku ningiki neri podavai,
chaala, Venkataachalapati taanai,
Melimi chetala nincheenee.

Niddapu = smooth, Koorimi = love, affection, friendship, Yela navvu= smile,
Gucchu= necklace studded with 32 types of gems, tacchu=churm, swirl, neri=beautiful

Check out this video on YouTube:


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