Jaya Jaya Jaya Priya Bhaarata Janayyitree,

Jaya jaya jaya priya Bharata janayeetri ……

In a recent post, I had written a bit about a great song, ” Jayati, jayati, Bharata Maataa” There is one another great anthem which we learnt in our school days.
It is the song, “Jaya jaya jaya priya Bharata Janayithrhree,”, by Devulapalli Krishna Sastry.. This was reportdly sung for the first time in 1935, at an anniversary at the P.R.COLLEGE, Kakinada and was later released as a gramaphone record. The lyric was set to music in Yaman Kalyan, Rupaka Talam, by Dr. Avasarala Anasuya Devi, niece of Krishna Sastry.
Krishna Sastry lost his voice, when he underwent an operation in Bombay around 1966, for cancer of the larynx, but he continued to write eloquent lyrics for a long time later. Anasuya Devi, writes this about her uncle,
” When I was too young to speak, you had taught me words.
When I learned to sing, I sang your songs set to my music.
When you turned dumb, I had lent my voice to you.
When I leave, let your songs be rendered to my tunes ,for generations to come,.”
The lady is one of the sisters, the pair of great singers, Sita and Anasuya, who collected Telugu folk songs from all scross the state which they sang frequently on the AIR, to the delight of people like us in our childhood.

I give herein below, the lyric transliterated into Roman script.To save the trouble of of keying in the lyric myself , I had copied it from the following link and took the liberty to correct a few minor mistakes. http://myfav-songs.blogspot.in/2007/07/patriotic-songs.html

jaya jaya jaya priya bhArata
janayitri divya dhAtri
jaya jaya jaya Sata sahasra
nara naarI hRdaya nEtri
jaya jaya sasyAmala
suSyAma calaccElAncala
jaya vasanta kusumalatA
calita lalita cUrNakuntala
jaya madiiya hRdayASaya
lAkshAruNa padayugaLA
jaya jaya jaya

Charanam.. 2.

jaya diSAnta gata Sakunta
divyagAna paritOshaNa
jaya gAyaka vaitALika
gaLa viSAla pada viharaNa
jaya madiiya madhuragEya
cumbita sundara caraNa
jaya jaya jaya priya bhArata
janayitri divya dhAtri
Here is my attempt to translate it into English,
Victory, victory, victory to you, dear mother Bhaarat, the divine land, Anupallavi..
The hearts of a hundred thousand men and women, are your eyes, Charanam .. 1
Victory, victory to you, you wear blemishless green crops,as a nice dark robe, the free end of which flutters about charmingly.
Victory to you. The tender creepers that wear spring blossoms are your rippling dark tresses. Victory to you. The ardent ambitions of my heart, paint your feet lacquer-red.

Charanam -2
Victory to you.,You enjoy immensely, the divine songs of birds that have flown forth, to all nooks of the earth.
Victory to you, you dance around widely across, in the voices of singers and, poets who wake you up every morning . Victory to you, whose dainty feet are kissed by my sweet lyrics. Victory, victory, victory to you dear mother Bhaarat, the divine land. ………………………..
Here is a link to a rendering of this great lyric buy S.Janaki, for the movie Rakshasudu.

You may also like to check out this nice video on YouTube:

At the following link you can find a discussion about this lyric

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3 Responses to Jaya Jaya Jaya Priya Bhaarata Janayyitree,

  1. siva chander says:

    Jaya jaya jaya is scintillating as much for the lyric as for the music. It is a pity that so few know that it was AnasuyaGaru who gave the song its stirring tune. Thanks for the research.

  2. Shiva says:

    Many thanks for the correct meaning… From a Telugu Bhaashaabhimaani

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