A wreath, with flowers some, thorns some.

“Child, get in,” the distraught old man guides his daughter to the cart.
” Papa. leave me to my fate.”, the distraught young lady replies, ” I have brought you enough disrepute. Better that I died along with him, rather than bring this ignominy onto your head.”
” Don’t say that. You’re my child. I can’t leave you and walk away, just like that, can I.?”. he sighs, and continues, ” You have a debt to redeem.”
Yes, she has a debt to redeem and a promise to fulfill, a promise she had made to her dying beloved, to groom their, nay, hers only, now, kid-to-be, the posthumous, into an air-force pilot, She climbs into the cart. The patient horse begins to gallop, the wheels spin. They are off, to a an uncertain future.
The beloved is gone. Long live memories of him, vivid and colorful now. what if, they perhaps get sepia-tinted over time.
The father is silent. The anguish in his faltering bosom, spikes him to cry out aloud, for all the world to hear. No, it is not a cry of despair, but one of hope, for his forlorn child and her poor child-to-be,
‘Life goes on, even if your cohort looking so like the lord weilding the flute, leaves you in the lurch forever, with his babe in your lap, hopefully he will look like his lovely dad, who is no more, hopefully again, he will not inherit his father’s fate. God forbid.
Yes life goes on, even if, the slender lead, that is, your frail old father leaves you, turning into a few whiffs of hot air and a little heap of cinders, which you seek to douse with your warm tears.
Yes, life goes on when you have a little bundle of kinetic and potential energy in your hands, to be harnessed by you, to redeem a promise you had made to his father whom he will never see in life and blood.’
Her dead father’s silent voice rings constantly in her ears, echoing ever so loudly through the nature all around her, quietly.

“This despair of yours, it sure will turn into hope, why cry, my child? Whatever has to happen will happen?
Your devotion will sure bear fruit, why cry, my child?

Your eyes, why, my tender babe, why are they brimming with tears like a pitcher full of water? Yes, your life is like the ocean, it is in doldrums.
But is it reason enough to go on soaking up your eyes with tears? Why, cry, my child?

The cool shade of joy and happiness is there for you, some time, And some other times, it is withering sorrow.
Take it or leave it, this here, is your garden, for better or for worse. The gardener has strung this wreath of yours, with flowers some, thorns some. Why cry, my child?

Just a few shards of brick, this lamp, if it is broken, But light it up, it illuminates you, for sure.
When you let the tears stream with out let, they are just a lot of water, But contain them. They turn into shiny pearls.
Yes, pearls that are treasures bestowed on you by your eyes, don’t lose them. Why cry, my child.?”
Nice song of hope, isn’t it?. It looks and sounds so simple and profound like some of the great Tattwams in Telugu that I have made a. mention of in one of my posts earlier.

It is from the 1969 hit film Araadhanaa, starring Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore. The soulfull lyric by Anand Bakshi was set to music and rendered hauntingly, by S.D.Burman, There are a few more songs of him in some other movies equally beautiful.
As regards Rajesh Khanna his perch as Super Star got solid and secure with lhis movie. I remember that on an afternoon around the time when the movie was running, there were rumours in Hyderabad that Rajesh Khanna was stabbed by somebody. And people ran, some to their radios to confirm the news, and many more to the temples to pray to their respective Gods, to save him, if it were true. It was a long time after that, that people did so again, for another Super Star, when he got grievouly while shooting for the movie, Coolie.

Here is the original lyric in Roman script.

“Banegi aasha ik din teri yeh niraasha.
Kaahe ko roye, chahe jo hoye?
Safal hogee, teri araadhanaa.
Kahe ko roye?
Aankhe teri kahe naadan, chalak gayee gaagar samaan.
Jaane kuon toone yoo asuvan se nein bhigaaye.
Kaahe ko roye?
Kahee pe hai sukh kee chaayaa. Kahee pe hai dukhon ka dhoop
Bura bhalaa jaise bhi hai, yahee to hai bagiya ka roop.
Phoolon se kaaton se maali ne haar piroye.
Kahe ko roye?
Diya toote, to hai maati, jale to ye jyoti bane.
Aansoo bahe to hai paani, ruke to ye moti bane.
Ye moti aankhon ki poonji hai, yeh na khoye.
Kaahe ko roye?

Here is a link that will take you to this song



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