Ganesa’s grand pa is Tyagaraja’s grandpa

There is another celebrated lyric in Bangala raga, of Tyagaraja extolling Ganesa, It is written in Sanskrit.The following link contains a lucid exposition of the meaning of Tyagaraja’s lyric, ” Giriraja suta tanaya”about Ganesa.

It is commonly recognized that this kriti besides eulogizing Ganesa (Giriraja suta tanaya, Parvati’s son) also commemorates Tyagaraja’s grandfather Giriraja ( the father of Tyagaraja’s mother), which makes Tyagaraja also a “Giriraja sutaa tanaya”

I do not know whether others have noticed it or not, but Tyagaraja constructs this kriti to commemorate his grand father in quite another subtle way, identifying him with, not only Himavaan but also Ganesa.
Try to read the opening phrase, “Giriraja suta tanaya sadayaa”, as “Giriraja ! Su Tathaa ! Nayaa ! Sadayaa!”
What does it mean ? Yes, it means, ” Oh, Giriraja ! Good grandpa ! Skilled one ! Kind one !”, Tatha means grandpa in Telugu. In Sanskrit, it could mean one’s father, or one’s mother’s father. Of course the rest of the verses can apply only to Ganesa,


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