Alarmelu Manga dances before Her Lord.

Have you heard of this great lyric of Annamacharya, ‘Alarulu kriyaga aadenade’.?
This was one of a few lyrics of Annamacharya to have been set to music by the great multi-facetted genius, Sri Rallapalli Anantha Krishna Sarma, many decades ago when Annamacharya lyrics were not as widely popular as today. The lyric was set to music by this savant in Sankarabharanam.
I have read a heart-warming story about him, related by Sri P.V.R.K.Prasad in his autobiographical book, of his tenure as the Executive Officcer of TTD.
On hearing from Sri Kamisetty Srinivasulu, that the great savant, (who was bed-ridden and was awaiting the call from His Lord) had not got the recognition he deserved, for his efforts to bring to light the vast work of Annamacharya, Sri Prasad, , even without seeking to get the approval of the board, rushes to Bangalore, felicitates him and seeks the approval of the grand old man seemingly in a deep coma, to be nominated as the Scholar-laureate of TTD. The old man, looks to the heavens to thank The Lord. Unable even to speak, his lips quiver trying to mumble, the words, “Innallaku Neeku naapai daya kaligindaa, Swamy?”. My Lord! Have You condescended to be kind to me after all these days?
As a relieved, Sri Prasad, returns to Tirumala, he knows of the demise of the great man.

Here is a bubbling rendering by Nitya Santoshini of this lyric

You can findv a translation of this lyric into English, at this treasure house,

Here is my attempt at a more elaborate translation into English. Hope you will like it.

Blossoms rain around Alamel Manga, as she dances,
just as her tresses blossom out and wave about tantalizingly, As she performs behind a thin veil, beautiful nubile girls admire her.
As she dances one number after another like a knight of yore,(perhaps seating his beloved brashly behind him), on a galloping horse covered the entire battle-field around, around and across in a jiffy, flattening all opposition, she melts her spouse, Sri Hari

Subtle turn-arounds, fast pirouettes pivotting herself on her second meta-tarsal, thumping gaits and sudden jumps about, she doesn’t leave any move in the book, as
she spews forth glittering rays from her diamond-studded anklets this way and that, Lakshmi herself, she rolls around playfully to the accompaniment of melodious and fast jump-about and foot-tapping songs, her anklets making tinkling sounds .
As Alamel Manga thus whirls around beautifully, The Lord, Sri Venkateswara, admires His Spouse in their private rendezvous.

Here are two YouTube be clips of performance of the lyric in Kuchipudi.

Here is the Telugu lyric in Roman script.
Alarulu kuriyaga aadenade
alakala kulukulun-Alamel Mangaa

Charanam 1
Ara viri sobagulan-ativalu mecchaga
ara tera maragunan-adenade
varusa poorva duvalapu tirupula
Hari garagimpuchun-Alamel Mangaa.
Charanam 2
Mattapu malapula mattela kelapula
tattedi nadapula datenade.
pettina vajrapu pendepu talukulu
attitu chimmuchun-Alamel Mangaa.

Charanam 3
chindula paatala siri polayaatala
andela motala-nadenade
kanduva tiru Venkatapathi mecchaga
andapu tirupulan-Alamel Mangaa.


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