Grab her, dear friend, she is fabulous, don’t tarry, marry her, here and now.

Here is another nice lyric of Annamayya. In this lyric, Annamayya assumes the role of a a close elder or dear friend (eager to see his young ward married to a beautiful and nice girl), or a wedding bureau’s marketting executive or a simple Pellilla Peraiah as we call in Telugu. He has fetched a fabulous match for the Lord Balaji Venkateswara, and good-naturedly hustles him into marrying the beautiful-as-a-Lotus young girl in her late teens (Alar Mel Manga).
I have not heard it sung. So I rendered it to myself based on its notation by Sri Garimella,I find it nice.

Here is my customary translation into English followed by the original lyric in Roman Script.

How fortunate you are, my friend! Here is some one apt to be your queen.
I searched far and wide to get this exotic girl, i’m offering her only for you.

She has a long plait of thick gleaming dark hair, she is young and beautiful in all respects.,
And when this maiden utters something she sounds just like a parakeet.
This one will be your own for the asking, this enchantingly beautiful girl with beutiful eyes..
You will fall for her, head over heels, look at her, come with me dear friend, marry her.
Her face shining like the moon, she has a long neck looking like a conch-shell, it,creases into three cute parellel folds when she bows her head, just you look, ain’t she ibeautiful, in every conceivable way?
This good-natured friendly girl, you see, sweet-smelling just like a peice of sandalwood
You got this one with her flower-like soft dainty body, as your soul-mate,
Come, dear friend, grab her just like this, and marry her.
Her bosom is like a pair of fat pigeons, this tender lady, she is sweet as a sugar-doll, she is enchanting and enticing,
She is pure, she is decked beautifully and her nice teeth gleam like pearls,
You gott her, Sri Venkatesa ! this young one just apt in age for your self,
Don’t lose time, marry her just here and now, come , my young friend.

“Yenta Bhagyavantudavo !?”
Mohana Kalyani raagam, Adi talam, (vol 26, no.363)
The name of the ragam is suggestive enough of its order of notes, ascending and descending ( moorchana). You can say it is Bilahari but with a sharper M (prati madhyama)
Music : Garimella.

Yenta Bhagyavanthudavo ! Eeke neeku devul-aaya.
Vinthaluga neekugaane vedaki tecchitini.
Aliveni javaraalu, annitaanu chakkanidi,
Chiluka palukulan-ee cheliya
Kalige neeku, kannula kaliki eeke yokkathe
Alari itte pendli yaaduduvu ravayya.
Indumukhi, kambukanthi, yinnitaa andamainadi
Chandanagandhi ee sakiya
Ponduga dorike neeku puvvuboni yokkathe
Andi eeken-itte pendliyaaduduvu ravayya.
Charanam –3
Jakkava channula lema, chakkera bomma, bittari,
Chokkapu singaaraaladi-ee sudati,
Dakke Sri Venkatesa ee taruni neekun-okathe
Akkara tho itte pendiyaaduduvu ravayya.


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