Is he charmed and held captive by some wily rich wench?

Udayaadri telupaaye ( v.6/147) ,
Music composed by : Garimella in Raga Chandrahauns, Roopaka taalam, Tisra Gati, Chandrakhauns is basically, Hindolam with the sharper Ni, ( the Kaakali Nishaadam)
I have not had occassion to listen to the song rendered by Sri Garimella. But I have sung to myself this song to his charming notation. I like it.
(ps:here is a link to the song rendered by Garimella himself,)

Here is my attempt at translation of this romantic lyric into English. Annamacharya identifies himself in this lyric, with the consort of The Lord, as the Lady lays bare her woes and pleasures to her cofidante, her maid.

The eastern mountain glitters white,
the ruler of the night, the moon, already holds court.
But my dear Lord tarries, he doesn’t turn up still. dear friend.
He doesn’t yet seem to notice it is time, he made his presence.

All strands of this pearl garland
that lies over my bosom have turned cold,
My eyes are clouded, now, my dear friend!
Tender water lilies, their whole community,
looks upwards to the sky, to the moon.
The summer moon-light’s tender bud,
has bloomed, have you noticed, dear friend.
As my flower-bedecked tresses, exude enticing aroma far and wide,
Hordes of bumble-bees from far off, approach and threaten me.
And this wretched parakeet and this cuckoo too, raise their horrible ruckus.
It chafes me, I can’t bear this misery.
By any chance, God forbid, is he charmed and
held captive by some wily rich wench?
Thank God, No ! He has arrived and
having bathed me in sweet-scented rose water pleasantly chilled, and
having smeared heady camphor all around my body, and
having decked my hair skillfully with dainty blossoms,
he took me, this discerning Thiru Venkatesa,
He has thus showered his mercy on me,
to the delight, of my mind, and my eyes.

Udayaadri telupaaye Uduraaju koluveede
Adanerigi raadayenamma naa vibhudu

Channulapai mytyaala sarulella challanaaye
Kannulaku kappodave, kanthaa naa kipudu
Kanne kaluvala jaati kannu modchinadi meeda
Vennela vesangi mogga vikasinche gadave

Puvvula lopali kurulu bugulukonaga nerasi
Davvula tummeda gamulu tarimi daayaganu
Ravvaseya suka pikam raayadi korvaga raadu
Avvala nevvathe pasalaku alarunna vaado?

Panneeta jalakamaarchi patcha kappuram metthi
Chennuga koppuna virulu cheluva durimi
Yennagala Tiru Venkatesudide nanu goode
Kannulu manasunu taniya karuninche gadave.

Regarding Chandrakhauns .You can find video clips of an enunciation of Chandrakauns raaga onflute by Sri Hari Prasad Chaurasia.
You may google search for
“Chandrakauns – Hariprasad Chaurasia Ustad Zakir Hussain”

There is a dramatic song in Chandrakauns from a Tamil Movie.Vaidehi Kaathirunthaal – Azhagu Malar Aada .
The song features Revathi and TSRaghavendar. This music is composed by the illusrious Ilayaraja and the melody is rendered by S.Janaki and TSRaghavendar.
You may google search for
“Tamil movie song – Vaidehi Kaathirunthaa – Azhagar Malar Aada”

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