Annamayya enunciates Visishtaadwaitam.

Here is an impassionate plea from Annamacharya not to treat his Lord with contempt, not to equate your self with The Lord just because he has chosen to be familiar with one and all, the lowly and the mighty, the young and the old, the learned and the ignorant..
I do not know whether any one has set this lyric to music in recent times and whether some one has sung it.I understand that this lyric is traditionally rendered in Dhanyasi.
I will be thankful if some one can provide the notation .
Here is my transation into English of this lyric followed by the Telugu lyric in Roman script.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry can not equate himself with a devotee of Hari.
Is it not wrong to equate the Mentor with the taught ?
The rain-drop that hsd chosen to fall into a pearl-oyster shell
And that which drops again and again into a potsherd, can they be one and the same?
Agreed, The Lord of Lakshmi, has chosen to be resident in one and all, this and that,
But aren’t there some things called propriety and impropriety ?
Charanam -2
The trees that stand regally on the mighty Malaya mountain
and those that stand way below on earth, can they be equal, just you think?
Yes I know. The God has in his kindness chosen to reside in you and me, deep inside.
But does it mean that this resident-deep-in-house doesn’t pervade all around one too?
The gods and the demons, I agree, they were brethren, born together, but is it sufficient?
True, Sri Venkatesa is gracious enough to permeate you as your soul.So what?
Isn’t there an heirarchical difference between an officer and his subordinate ?

Hari dasula todan-alpulu saria-na raadu
Gurudu sishyudun-anay guri tappu gaada?
Kori mutyapu-jippala-guricina vaanayu
Saare-benkulalo vaana sari yauna?
Sri Ramanud-innintaanu-jeriunten-unde gaaka
Saareku-baatraa-paatra sangatintaa layda?
Malayaadri maakulunu mahi meedi u
chalamunan-enchi chooda sari yaunaa?
Alari Devudu Antaryamiyaitayn-aayye gaaka
Teliyaga kshetravaasi dikkulandu ledaa?
Amarula janmamulan-asurula janmamulu
Jamali-buttinantalo sari yaunaa?
Amari Venkatesud-aatmum-iten-aye gaaka.
Tami ton-adhikari bhedamulu leva?


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