The itinerant salesman hailing from the seven hills, goes about selling sarees.

To Annamacharya, every man across the street and every lady around the town, bring some aspect of his great Lord Venkata Pathi to his mind.
In this great lyric, which I like immensely, Annamayya imagines his Lord as a maser craftsman, a great weaver, who weaves and fashions, with a little bit of help from his fickle spouse, fine fabrics and tie-and-dyed clothes and bed linen, made up of the good deeds and dirty ones of his subjects, whom, again, he brings forth into being, by weaving together the five strands of natural elements into a fabric that makes them living beings.

Here is my attempt at translation of this lyric into English.

The itinerant salesman hailing from the seven hills, goes about selling sarees.

You find him along, in this neighborhood and that, this ubiquitous, itinerant weaver-clothes’-seller, he sits beneath this shade or that and sells his clothes.
He takes threads of a multitude of hues, (the threads nothing else than the five elements, the earth, the water, the fire, the wind, the ethereal sky), wets them with a dash of slippery starch and weaves them fast and tight into draperies for people.
He weaves the small thin spindles of thread of virtues and vices, into fine, great sarees and sells them for a profit.
Full of wiles, his woman, grumbling mildly, sprinkles golden-sheened dye onto the twisted and tied together clothes. (that are nothing else than the crooked acts of his clients) .And this strong and hefty clothes-seller-guy, sells these sarees meant for ladies around the city.
Charanam -3
He goes around the vast and dirty shandies where these city-folks flock. He assesses their finances, ( the worth of their good deeds or bad ones ) he fashions them into colorful bed-spreads for them. And lo ! this rich and strong guy, Venkata Pathi, sells them at his will and pleasure, this clothes-seller going from house to house.

Here is the Telugu lyric in Roman script.
Vaadala vaadala ventaa, vaade-vo,
Needan-undee cheeral-ammey neayta baeyhaaree

Pancha bhootamul-anedi palu vanne noolu
Chanchalapu ganji toda chari-naesee
Konchapu kandela nooli gunamula naesee
Manchi manchi cheeral-amme maaru baeyhaaree
Matu-maayamula tana maguva, pasidi neeru
Chiti-poti yalukala-jilikinchagaa
Kutilampu-jaetalu kucchuluga katti
Pata-vaali cheeral-ammaey balalu baeyhaaree
Charanam -3
Macchika jeevula pedda myla santhala lona
Vecchapu karma dhanamu viluva jaeysi
Patchdaalu gaa kutti, balu Venkata Pathi
Yitcha koladin-ammaey yinti baeyhaaree.

Check out this video clip showing a procession of The Lord as well as the lyric under subject rendered sweetly by Jesu Das,, set to music in Madhyamaawati, I think by Ramesh Naidu, on YouTube:

I do not know why , but tgere seems to be some trouble in sharing the clip.
You may try to search the following phrase to get at the clip
Vaadala Vaadala Venta Vaadevo – Annamayya Kirthana on Sri Venkateswara Swami.

Here is another link to an audio file of this song

Jesu das and Rameh Naidu come together and rest assured you have divine music .
Listen to songs from the Telugu movie Megha Sandesam mivie, if uou doubt.


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