Hari Dasulu vedalay mutchata gani aanandamaaye. It is blissful to see servants of the Lord take to the streets peacefully.

The old man attired as a Haridasu ( Servant of the Lord), is on his beat. He is holding a framed picture of his favorite saint-composer Tyagaraja, hanging from his neck, covering his torso. He is expressing his surrender to his lord, the spouse of Janaki. The old man had tried to be good, to do good all through his life. He had seen happiness, he has seen sorrow. He has had his disappointments, he had moments of glory too. He has reached a stage now where he is content to let things be, leave things in the hands of his Lord. Equanimous he is, but it still rankles that he had not been able to build the great institute of learning for music he had in mind since long.
He had got over his grief and disappointment, at the way the three children whom he adapted and with high hopes about them, (no not for his personal sake but for the sake of their fellowmen) ,taught to be good, had turned away from him and his life’s goal. Men have their own ways, of determining their futures, on how they conduct themselves in respect of their and responsibilities and duties. The Lord has his own reasons for the way he runs the world. No use worrying over things over which you have no control.
He goes about continuing to sing placidly of his surrender to Hari.
An young girl from a house enroute joins him in singing, walking along with him,sounding cymbals to the beat of his song.
They come to an intersection. A few others join them in the singing. The old man looks at them, but impassively turns his face away and continues to walk, singing. The three young men, move in front of the old man, and fell at his feet.
If he is happy at this unexpected thing, the old man doesn’t show it on his face. He mind goes back to his pious daughter-in-law and her son, who had to bear the brunt of the waywardness of the handsome young man holding the tambura, now touching his feet.

Apologies to their dad, their great benefactor over, the three brothers set about to make the old man’s dream a reality. They organise a fund-raising dance performance by the young boy, who did his spectacular bit in veering his father around from a course that had practically ruined him as a man.
The boy salutes his dad and his mom, now together, and begins to dance with ecstasy, the blissful Ananda Tandavam of Nataraja of amidst the silvery cliffs of Kailash.

You may check out this in this YouTube video sequence from the movie Sruthilayalu, featuring Satya Narayana as the old Hari Dasu


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