Oh, Transcendental Muse of Learning, kindly bless me.

One of the many great works of Mysore Vaasudevacharya, is “Maamavatu Sri Saraswathi”, in Hindolam raagam
Here is my attempt at translation of the lyric into English:

Sri Saraswatee ! Please protect me.
You, who, reside in the exalted precincts of the Kamakoti chair of learning and worship,
Anupallavi : (secondary refrain)
You hold a veena in your soft, lotus-like hands
You dazzlingly adorn yourself with great words whose beauty transcends all bounds of geography.
Your feet are devoutly worshipped by mighty emperors and potentates,
Your eyes are as charming as the blossoms of lotus.
And your countenance is alluring.
You are adept in fulfilling the wishes of the pious and the good
Around your neck, gem-studded garlands shine forth,
You submit the essence of, all sciences, the Vedas, at the feet of Krishna, the Vasudeva’s son, at the very feet, that Indra, (the son of Kasyapa prjapathi), himself bows down .

The Sanskrit Lyric in Roman script:
“Mamavatu Sri Sarasvatee.
Kamakoti peetha nivasinee.

Anu pallavi:
Komalakara saroja dhrita veena.
Seemaa-ateeta vara Vag-vibhushana

Rajadhiraja poojita charanaa.
Raajeeva nayanaa Ramaneeya vadanaa.

Sujana manoradha poorana chatura nijagala sobhita manimaya haaraa.
Ajabhava vandita Vaasudeva charanapita sakala Veda saaraa.”

1) Here is arendering of the lyric by Ms. Sudha Raghunathan, – she prefaces the song proper with a famous sanskrit lyric of salute to Sarasathi.
Here is the blurb from YouTube for your ready reference.
Sudha Ragunathan – Maamavathu – Hindolam – Aadhi – Mysore Vasudevacharya
Vocal – Sudha Ragunathan
Violin – Embar Kannan
Mridangam – Patri Sathish Kumar
Morsing – R. Raman

Check it out on YouTube:

2) Here is another video of a pop rendering of this lyric of Mysore Vaasudevaacharya in praise of the Goddess of Learning and words Maha Saraswathi, transcends bounds of geography, ‘Seemaatheeta Vara Vaagwibhooshana’ , on YouTube:

The blurb from YouTube is reproduced here for convenience.
The Track “Mamavatu” is taken from Susheela Raman’s fantastic debut Album “Salt Rain” (2001). Listen and enjoy it.
Susheela Raman’s first solo album “Salt rain” was an outstanding debut that won the BBC Best Newcomer Award 2002. She was also shortlisted for the UK Mercury Prize, – Britain’s foremost reward to new artists with distinct creative ability -, thus becoming the first world music artist to figure for this prestigious award. “Salt Rain” is by far one of the best fusion albums you can get. The tracks are sung in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Sanskrit
As an artist, Susheela Raman continues to develop and explore issues of identity with new sounds that celebrate multiplicity. She draws her collaborators from across Europe, Asia, and Africa: Cameroonian bassist Hilaire Penda, Guinea-Bissau born percussionist Djanuno Dabo, American drummer Marque Gilmore, British-Asian tabla player Aref Durvesh, and of course British guitarist and producer Sam Mills are at the heart of this album as they were on “Salt Rain”.
Susheela: “We were lucky to collaborate with some unique musicians who live mostly in London and Paris but are of diverse origins: Guinea Bissau, Cameroun, India, Romania, France, Greece, Egypt, Kenya, America, and Spain. Any record is a meeting of many minds and, now more than ever, it is networks of people, not just individuals, that spark new and exciting work. Everyone brought their own special energy to the music and I am very proud of what we all worked together to create.”
Susheela Raman (Voice, Tanpura)
Sam Mills (Guitar, Producer)
Hilaire Penda (Bass, Backing Vocals, Acoustic Bass Solo on Nagumomo)
Djanuno Dabo (Bongos, Congas, Surdo, Claypot, Shakers, Backing Vocals)
Aref Durvesh (Tabla, Dholak)
Vincent Segal (Cello and Cello arrangements)
Hossam Ramzy (Egyptian Percussion on Trust In Me)
Sandhya Sanjana (Backing Vocals)
Marque Gilmore (Drums)
Michel Fernandez (Cajon on Salt Rain)
Manos Achalinotopoulos (Clarinet on Maya)
Julia Thornton (Harp on Trust In Me)
Don Dieu Le Divin (Fender Rhodes on Nagumomo)
Produced by Sam Mills. Narada Production (2003)


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