The tantalising breeze quietly nips at the young girl.

Here is a beautiful song, ‘ pilla gali allarie,’ from the movie, Athadu, (The stranger)
The lyric by Sirivennela, set to foot-tapping music by Mani Sharma, is rendered greatly by Shreya Ghosal.
Trisha dances enthrallingly to the lyric and its music, now like the short quick waft of breeze (pilla gaali) peskily nipping at her like a coquette ( vayyari jaana), and now like the tantalising short drizzle (siri vaana) which sparkles in the moon light of a winter night.

Here is my attempt at translation of the lyric into English. In Indian literature and figures of speech,we have a word called, ‘Dhwani’, a silent sound, a nuance, a suggestion, not explicit but hidden tantalisingly in the words, their sounds, their juxtaposition, their look, their feel, it is dhwani for you. I have made my translation elaborate and explicit to bring out the coy beauty of the lyric, to those who do not know Telugu.

The tantalising breeze quietly nips at the young girl.

This gentle breeze tickles me, it nips me all over.
Is it a dark cloud that is rumbling ominously above my head?
Has it turned into lightning and with its eyes flaming red, is it pursuing me doggedly?
Respecting no bounds, it it prancing around,
within our eyes, within our precincts,
this coquette, this lightning, assuming a thousand hues?

Just while this enchanting drizzle,
gloriously glitters, flitters and fritters out thus,
has the moon descending from his lofty perch far out of our reach,
condescended to stay around in our house ?
Will he beckon us to him endearingly?
And will he reveal to us the intriguing reason what ever, behind his strange reticence?
Will it ring deep in my heart,- this lively Jazz number , irreverent in content, lilting in beat?
With his mesmerism,will he simply melt my time away, in an endless whirligig of amusement?
Will he ever ensnare me, enchant me and bemuse me, with his moon-sheen ? Will he make me float along and away on those glittering orgastic swells?
Will he make me lose myself, drown, for years on end, in the unfathomable deep, the future?
Will the stars twinkling high above will they turn into buntings welcoming us?
Weeks as they roll by into the distant future, will they turn into one strand of a pearl necklace after another to adorn me? Will they sprinlkle a cool thin sandal paste on to me? Will they spring one blomming garden of Eden after another blossoming one, all here,in my front yard?
Has this kind moon descending from his lofty perch far out of our reach,
condescended to stay for ever amidst us as a kin in our house ?

This pervasive melody of pleasant laughter, this fast tinkle of jingle bells, sounding like the rustle of a qwick waft of cool breeze.where did it choose to hide in those dreary days past?
This happy chorus of all of of us yearning for some one like him, perhaps invited him here attracted him here, drew him here.
Like the nebulous but enchanting milky way Like the colorfuul friendly banter, sprinkling warmth and happiness in you. Like a brief winter drizzle, Like a vigorous, hot, new, hybrid melody featuring a multitude of diverse notes, ringing out loudly but sweetly far into the heavens. Like a swelling, roaring and flodding ensemble, Will he frolic around and dance and jump for joy among us, along with us, amidst us.?
Will he sing amorous lyrics to me picturesqely ?
Has this kind moon descending from his lofty perch far out of our reach,
condescended to stay for ever amidst us as a thick kin in our happy home ?

The enchanting Telugu lyric in Roman script.

Pilla gaali allarie, vollanta gillay,
Nallamabbu urimena? (2)
Kallerra jesie, merupai tarimena?
Yellalanni karigee jallumantu urikee.
maa kallalo. vaakillalo,
Vevela varnaala, vayyaari jaana.
Andamaina siri vaana,
muchhataga merise samayaanaa,
andaraani chandhrudainaa
maa intlo bandhuvalle tirigena?
Charanam 1
Maunaala venakaalaa vainalu teliselaa,
gaaramga pilichenaa?
Jhallu mantu gundelona,
tuntariga, thullutunna thillaanaa ?(2)
Indrajaalamai, vinodala sudilo,
kalaanni kariginchaga,
chandrajaalamai, taarangaala vodilo,
yellanni maripinchaga,
taaralanni thoranaalai,
vaaraala muthyaala haaralayyena ?
Chandanaalu chilikena ?
Mungililo nandanaalu virisenaa?
Andaraani chandrudainaa,
maa intlo bandhuvalle tirigena?
Charanam 2:
Navvullo hayi raagam,
muvvallo vaayu vegam,
yemaindo iyntha kaalam?
Yinta mandi brunda gaanam,
yivvale pampenemo aahvaanam? (2)
santoshaalu chilike
saradaa saraagaalugaa,
swathi jallugaa,
swaraalenno palike
sari kotha raagaaluga,
ningi daaka pongi poga,
horetti potunna gaanaa bajaana.
chengu mantu aadena ?
Chitranga, jaavaleelu paadena?
Andaraani chandrudainaa,
maa intlo bandhuvalle tirigena?

Check out this beautiful video on YouTube:

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