Is it right and proper for some one like you, to look askance at me like this ?

Here is a great lyric of Tyagaraja set in Kannada Gowla raga, wherein he, questions Rama to spell out His reasons if any, for sidelining him.

Here is my attempt at translation of the lyric into English:

Is it right and proper for some one like you, oh, the best scion of the Raghu dynasty,
to look askance at me like this ?
Oh, Sir-with-wide-nice-eyes-like-lotuses, please tell me what was the great kinship you had had with all those servants of you of yore ( who were fortunate to have been blessed by you) .
Oh! You righteousness-ness-incarnate ! What, Sir, is the weighty reason for your inability to bestow a thought to show an iota of affection towards me ?
Oh, Protector of the wretched ! Oh, Father to all men who seek your kindness ! Oh, Connoisseur of music ! Oh , the One, greatly acclaimed by Tyagaraja !

The lyric in Roman script.

Ora-joopu-jjoochaeydee nyayamaa,
Q! Raghottamaa nee vanti vaanikee?

Neerajaaksha ! Munu nee daasula koo
Neek-yeti vaavuloo-delpavaey?

Maanam-inchuk-aina neeku-docha laeka
poyina vainamaemi punya roopamaa?
Deena Rakshakaa ! Srita maanava san-
-taana! Gaana lola ! Tyagaraja nuta.!

Here is a YouTube clip of Sikkil Gurucharan rendering this song at Tyagaraja Aradhana 2008,Cleveland posted on YouTube by usrasika .


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