Walk steady, don’t sway about, you termagant women !

Here is a famous lyric of Annamayya, wherein, he assumes the role of an overseer of the ladies who bear the palanquin of Alarmelu Manga in procession, chiding the shrewish ladies, to walk steady to minimise discomfort to the Lady. The 3rd stanza could be construed to refer to the time just after The Lady, gets off the palanquin and enters The Lord’s quarters.
We may surmise that Annamayya first sang this when the idols of the Lady and the Lord were being taken around in procession in the down-town streets (maada veedhies) of Tirumala hill.
Here is my attempt at translation of the lyric into English.
Walk steady, don’t swagger and sway about, you ladies !
The jasmines in Mamma’s hair, are falling out, off her tresses.
Slow! Steady! Her whole body heaves, can’t you walk properly,
You, cantankerous and termagant maids of Sree, Lakshmi ?
Oh! The free end of her robe sways off, from over her heavy bosom.
Oh! There are drops of sweat all over her dainty brow.
Walk steady, pray don’t swagger and sway about, you ladies !
Stay still for a moment, you cute ladies, holding the palanquin of the great lady.
The fine sandal wood powder, being sprayed on her falls off, away from her.
The weighty silver and pearl tassels tied to her plait of hair, stagger and throb.
The Mamma’s anklets move around noisily .
Walk steady, don’t swagger and sway about, you ladies !
Do adorn her with twin-strand pearl garlands,
(note: chemmaligalu could mean fancy footwear or garlands)
Lift gems-studded platters with lamps and offer araties to this enchanting lady,
Our mother, Alarmelu Manga has got Lord Venkateswara, as her equal partner.
And as he hugs her tight now,
please walk off steady, don’t swagger and sway about, you ladies !

Here is the lyric in Roman script.

Kulukaka nadavaro, kommalaaraa !
Jalajalaa raalaenu, jaazulu, maa-yamma ku.

Oyyana ! Menu kadaleen-oppugaa nadavaro,
gayyali Sree-paada-taapu-kantalaaraa !
Payyeda cherugu jaree, bharapu gubbala meeda,
Ayyo! ! Chemarinche, maa-yamma ku nen-nuduru.

Challedi ganda-vodi mai-jareen-niluvaro,
Pallaki pattina muddu panathulaara!
Mollamaina kundanapu mutyaala kucchul-adara
Ghallanuchu-gankanaalu-gadalee maa-yammaku.

Jamali mutyala todee chammaligal-idaro,
Ramaniki manulan-aaratul-ettaroa!
Amarinchi kougita-alamelu mangan-ide
sama-goode Venkateswarudu maa-yammaku.

The lyric is set to music in Athana raagam, aadi taalam, by Sri Nedunuri Krishna Murthy.

Here is an audio clip of the song rendered by Garimella Bala Krishna Prasad.



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