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Come my young friend, till your land. Don’t worry. Your problems will be over, soon.

The late nineteen forties and fifties were a memorable period which began with great euphoria and expectations all across the country, especially so in the rural areas which suffered neglect during centuries of alien rule. There were hopes of far … Continue reading

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Don’t despair. We have won. The struggle is not in vain.

Here is my paraphrase of an inspiring poem that we were required to recite in our school long years ago. The poem, ‘Say not the Struggle Naught availeth’, was written by Arthur Hugh Clough. 1819–1861. You can find the poem … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Atul’s Song A Day- A choice collection of Hindi Film & Non-Film Songs:
This article is written by Shekhar Gupta, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. Before she…

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Waheeda Rehman makes her debut with a bang.

In my previous post I have made a passing reference to Waheeda Rehman’s movie debut.Here is the dance sequence of the teen-aged Waheeda Rehman making her celebrated movie-debut with a bang, with a scintillating dance in the 1955 Telugu movie … Continue reading

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Times, they are a-changin , yes, Rojulu Maaraayi.

The TV reporter Rambabu ( ‘power star’ Pawan Kalyan), knows, not just breaking news but even breaking bones,- of those who break the rules and the lives of common men. He knows much more than that, say like dancing lustily, … Continue reading

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Blissful dance – Ananda Tandavam

The smart kid, looks like, young-boy-Krishna. He ,is dancing, Blissfully and spiritedly romping around, causing delight to who ever is looking on. Ananda Tandavam, as it is called more precisely. His mom looking spartan but elegant, is sitting to a … Continue reading

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The neuter-gendered mentor teaches his future daughter-in-llaw to dance.

Here is a video clip of a charming scene from the old Telugu movie Narthanasala. The great Pandava brothers and their spouse Draupadi having been cheated out of their kingdom in a game of dice, are required by the winners … Continue reading

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