Sound advice from The Fifth Scripture.

Maha Bharatam is regarded as the Panchama Veda, the fifth scripture after the four vedas.
Here are a few Telugu poems from the Telugu version of Maha Bharatam (Andhra Maha Bharatam) by the pioneering trio of translators of yore, Nannayya, Tikkanna and Yerranna..We were required to learn and commit them to heart in our school days. I will provide my translation into English followed by the lyrics . I have typed these poems on a virtual key board in Roman script into a software which transliterates into the Telugu script. It is not perfect, there are a few minor mistakes , but it is very useful.

1)Oh, Your Highness,what ever deeds if done by others towards you,
you would find abhorrent and detestable,
It is proper and righteous cconduct particularly for some one in an exalted position,
not to do them against others.
.2)A penance by some one who is not patient and good-tempered,
the riches of a careless person,,the kingdom of a unrighteous ruler,
will all dwindle away like
the water in a pot that is broken.
3)Oh blameless one ! When some one requests you
to elucidate something which you know well,
If you do not explain it accordingly,
you will rot in hell as a liar would.
4) if you don’t get bloated like a balloon when the king praises you,
and if you do not get deflated and disheartened when you get a drubbing in the royal court, and
If you conduct yourself regardless, just as you were used to,
you will prosper, no harm will come your way.

ఒరులే యవి యొనరించిన
నరవర అప్రియము తన మనంబునకగు, దా
నొరులకు నవి సేయకునికి
పరాయణము పరమ ధర్మ పదములకేల్లన్

క్షమ లేని తపసి తపమును
ప్రమత్తు సంపదయు ధర్మాబాహ్య ప్రభు రా
జ్యము భిన్న కుంభమున తోయములట్టుల
యధ్రువంబులగు నివి యెల్లన్.

తన యెరిగిన. యర్ధం బొరు
డనఘా యిది ఎట్లుసేప్పుమని యడిగిన, జే
ప్పని వాడును సత్యము సే
ప్పని వాడునుఘోర నరక పంకమున బడున్

మన్నన కుబ్బక, యవమతి
దన్నొందిన స్రుక్క బడక ధరనీసుకదన్
మున్నున్నయట్ల మెలగిన
యన్నరునకు శుభము లోదవు నాపదలడగున్

Sound advice. That has paved the way to my peace of mind, over the long years.


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