Forget about me young lady, I’m no match to you.

The finely dressed and bejeweled smart, cherubic young girl rushes haughtily, past a startled Annamayya, like an elephant or a boar about to gore some one or something that has excited its ire, her firm, heavy breasts thrust forward, towards the rustic and simple looking tall, strong, dark and handsome young man. And demands that he commit himself to her without any further dillydallying.The young man looks sheepishly at Annamayya and persuades the girl to accompany him to a place where they could discuss things in privacy.
To Annamayya the young couple looked so very like his lord Srinivasa and his spouse, that he imagines the divine couple to be in a similar situation and conjures up a lyric depicting their likely conversation.
Here is my attempt at translation of the lyric into English followed by the Telugu lyric of the poet in Roman script.

You seem intent to maul me with your hard and big-as-a-hill-breasts !
Is it because I am the raw young fellow who tends to his cows on the hills ?
Oh, young lady with a fine wavy hair, leave me alone, I am not a match to you.
I’m a nomad who is here now, there a while later, and somewhere else some time later.
Your neck is so nice to look at like a conch shell, but I can not equal you in any way,
though I hold a conch shell in my hand.
Isn’t it enough that you are friends with me.
You walk deliberately, regally and beautifully, sure of yourself, like a majestic elephant,
Why do you need some poor guy like me?
Is it simply because I saved an elephant in the past?
Your eyes look sparkling like a pair of fish, why do you adore me so?
I own that I had shone forth in the past, swimming in the ocean like some big fish.

Your coiffure is alluring, the bun so dark and shining, but pray, don’t insist on joining me.
I am your friend and well-wisher, but I am dark like the dark night.
Don’t caress my bum with your palm,
True I am the Lord of the Venkata hill, and the entire globe, the earth is borne by me.

Konda gubbala naatho goraadi gonaevu !
Kondalan-aavula-gaachina koadekaada-gaanaa?
Vankala kuruladaana vaddu nae neeku. Moodu
vankala venta tirigaevaada gaana.
Sanku meda daanaa, neetoa sari vacchaenaa?
Sanku chaeti nannu jatti gonti chaaladaa.?
Yaenugu nadapu daana-naelanae neeku ? Tolli
yenugu-gaachina vaada yaenu gaana?
Meena kavaganti daana, mecchaevaa nannu ? Maeti
meenanai jaladhilo merasina vaadanu
Cheekati turumudaana, chaeraku nannu.
cheekati nallani maeni cheluvudanu
Vaekapu-birudu meeda vaeyaku chaeyi,
Vaekamaina bhoomi moachae Venkata vibhudanu.

Great lyric, ain’t it? I believe this was set to music in Mukhaari ragam, by Late Sri Rallapalli Anantha Krishna Sarma. I do not know whether any one has sang this in recent times.


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