Hari Dasus take out the king of kings in a procession.

‘Haridasulu Vedsle mucchata’ is one of the many songs of Tyagaraja that I like very much. Besides being composed sweetly in Yama Kalyan, this ‘ Rapturous song of The Lord’s names” ,(‘ Divya Nama Sankirtana’) is a vivid portrayal in beautiful Telugu, of the servants of the lord attired gracefully taking the Lord extolled by Tyagaraja lovingly, for an outing in the streets of Tiruvaiyar all the while singing out with rapture, the umpteen names of the lord and signifying their devotion and dedication and love for him to the accompaniment of the rhythmic sounds of cymbals and drums by drenching Him in sweet-smelling blossoms.. Here is a link to the lyric and its translation into English at the sangeetasudha.org http://www.sangeetasudha.org/thyagaraja/vol2/h.htmled
(p.s. There seems to be some problem with this URL. I will try to provide the lyric in full snd my translation soon. )

Here are two clips to YouTube posts of the song
Check out Hyderabad sisters sing the song on this video on YouTube:

Check out Sri Mangad Ka Natesan’s version of the song in this video on YouTube:


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