Your spouse sulks, better make it up to her.

In this nice lyric Annamacharya dons the role of a matron, a housemother in the Lord’s abode . Some flippant remarks of the Lord have irritated and angered his spouse. The housemother, chides the Lord for having offended his spouse. She advises him not to be vain, but to patch up with his lady. She has tried to assuage the feelings of the lady, but without any success.He had angered the lady, he alone has to make it up to her.

You are the most skilled one around here in these matters. It’s better you yourself come and take charge.
We can not hope to pacify your wrathful spouse.
Why did you have to utter those snide remarks knowing that the haughty and adamant lady can not bear an insult ?
Tears incessantly flood out of her eyes on to her bosom.
Can we hope to mitigate the wrath of this lady, so proud of her beauty and charm?
Charanam -2
This tender lady who can not bear even a bit of heat, got so beside herself with rage and so very possessed, even the tips of her hand are scalding to touch..
Her fevered breath wilts the garlands she wears.
Can we hope to assuage an anger of such magnitude ?
The charming lady can not bear a hint of friction and you choose to slight her and to add further insult to the injury you laugh at her playfully, is it proper for you ? Oh Lord who resides in the City of Venkata !
The flowers that had adorned her bun, have dropped on to you when you were together, they are there on your shoulders still.
Can we hope to mend your extraordinary ways?

Neev-ae vicchaeyav-ayya ! Naeruperiv-indu-k-ella
Nee vanitha-yalukalun-aemu didda-galam-aa?
Maatan-oruvaga laeni manku daani-gaeradaalu,
yaetikin-aadithiv-ayya yinthaloa neevu?
Vaatam-ai paare-ganneeti varadalu channula pai
Neetu-nan-intaat-elukan-aemu didda-galamaa?
Kaakak-oruvaga laeni kaanthaku kopamu raechi,
soakinthuraa kona goaru churukananu?
Vaekapu nittoorupulu visaree haaramulapai
Yaekatan-intaesi panul-aemu diddagalamaa?
Ravva koruvaga laeni ramani toa joojoolaadi
navvuduraa Sri Venkata nagara vihaaraa?
Puvvulu koppuvi raale ponditae bhujaala meedi
nivvatillu mee voajalun-aemu didda galamaa ?

This lyric appears to have been set to music in Sankarabharanam, by Sri Rallapalli Anantha Krishna Sarma..
I do not have the notation on hand.I do not know if any one has sung and recorded
this song in this raaga or any other one.


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