The ladies sing a rhapsody, while they go about their chores

In this lyric below, Annamayya, portrays an idyllic, pastoral scene in the Nanda-vrajam ( the countryside where the celebrated cowherd chieftain Nanda, his wife Yasoda, their two sons , Krishna and Balarama and his daughter Subhadra and his clan, resided on the East bank of the river Yamuna), in the pleasant neighborhood of the Eden-like garden Brindaavanam. ( on the west bank of the river , near the city of Mathura).
Here is my attempt at translation of the lyric into English. it is followed by the lyric in Roman script.

As the butter melts and boils,
drone notes permeate the countryside, “Ghum, ghum,”
And then, raging forth,
the ladies sing in praise of the kid,
‘Lo! The Dark One ‘, ‘Oh! The One with Lotus-like eyes !’,
while they go about milking the cows into big earthen pots and
churning curds in similarly big copper vessels.
‘ He is the one who had borne the mighty Mandara mountain on his back.’,
they sing.
‘And he is verily, the consort of Maha Lakshmi ‘, the ladies sing thus, about the cow-herd boy, while all across in the countryside of Nanda-vraja, the cows and calves too make serene noises in agreement, musically like a drone,
‘He is infdeed, the Lord of the Vaenkata Hills’, the ladies intone,
‘He is the repository of Vedas, the scriptures’, they rhapsody about this guy, nay Lord Vishnu himself, his navel looking charming like a lotus,
While their bracelets tinkle sonorously, the ladies proudly declare so, in and around the woods of Brindaavanam.
Ghumm-aniyedi sruti-goodaganoo
kammani naetulu kaagaga chelagee
Charanam -1
Neela-varnud-ani Neeraja-akshud-ani
baalunin-athivalu padaeroo.
Paalu-vidukuchunu baanala kaagula
Soali perugu trucchuchu chela raegi
Mandara-dharud-ani Maadhavudani Go-
-vinduni paadaeru veladulidae
Nanda vrajamunanu nalugadan-aavula
Mandala paeyala manchi ravammula
Vaenkata Pathi-yani vaeda nilayudani
Pankaja naabhuni paadaeroo
Ankula chaetanu alaru ravammula
Binkapu maatala, Brundaavanamuna.

This nice lyric is set to music in Poorvee Kalyaani, by Sri Nedunuri Krishna Murthy..
Poorvee Kalyani is a great and soulful raagam. Tradition has it that, both Tyaga Rsja and Muthu Swami Deekshitar,, sang their swan songs, ‘jgnaanamosaga raadaa’ and
‘ Meenaakshi maemudam ‘ this raagam.
Here is a YouTube video clip of a rendering of this song by Maharajapuram Srinivasan-Ganesh on the ‘Nada Neeraajanam’ platform atop the Tirumala hills, in the presence of the Lord.
Violin…:Kovai Sankaran
Mridangam:Thanjavur S Subramaniam
Ragam : purvikalyani , adi talam , Music composer : Nedunuri Krishnamurty


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