The river is morose, the wind sad, The boat refuses to move. Like my heavy heart


Partings are painful, partings of loved ones. When the loved one, is loved universally, the pain touches one and all.
When a benign prince, loved as your own kin, just about to be crowned emperor, is exiled for fourteen years that too by his own father under dire compulsion to honor his word,, it is heart-wrenching to every one in the empire. It is more so to Guha, the chieftain of the fishermen, a childhood chum of the prince, who has the unpleasant task of ferrying the exiled prince Rama accompanied by his spouse Sitamma and his younger brother Lakshmana, across the river.
Here is a poignant lyric from the 1978 movie, Sri Rama Pattabhishekam, penned beautifully by Sri Devulapally Krishna Sastry,
it was set to music by the renowned music director, Pendyala Nageswara Rao, and rendered soulfully by S.P.Bala Subrahmanya,
This has been one of my favorite songs.
Here is my attempt at translation of the lyric into English, followed by the lyric in Telugu in Roman Script.
The river Ganga is morose, the wind is sad,
This boat of mine refuses to move, Rama, like my heavy heart.
You are the cause of the swells and swirls in this mighty ocean that is this entire universe,
Do you really need Guha, to cross this petty stream?
Raama ! I will not sleep, no, not even a wink, I will wait for you to be back.
Take my word.. I will lay down my life, if you tarry for a moment beyond the fourteen years.
You are my young brother, oh, Lakshmana ! You are blessed, ( you are fortunate to be with Rama for the coming fourteen years)
Do look after Sri Rama and Seethamma carefully,
Look after our sister-in-law, she’s dear to us like our mother, and our elder brother, carefully, Please do.

Yee Ganga-kentha diguloo, yee gaali-kentha gubuloo
Kadalad-ayaa Raamaa, naa hrudayam laa naavaa.
Vadi dudukula samsaarapu kadalulakae kaarakudavu.
Neeku Guhudu kaavaalaa? Yee koddipaati yeru daata !
Charanam 2
Nidura ponu, kanu mooyanu. Yeduru thennu choostoo,
Padu nalugaendla paina kshanam brathukanu summee Raamaa,
Dhanyudavu gadayya tammudaa Lakshmanaa !
Bhadramaya Sree Raama Bhadrunikee, Seethammaku.
Bhadramu summaa, mana wadinagaarikee annakoo.

You can find an audio clip of the song at this URL!/albums/sree-rama-pattabhishekam

Here is a video clip of the song on YouTube:


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