Lead a quiet procession. Of profiles. Like yours. In courage.

It is celebration time, Dusserah, Srinivasa Brahmotsavaalu, Bathukamma Panduga. My greetings to you, your family and friends .
I take this happy occassion to write a little about an inspiring song, that I like, from the 2004 Telugu movie ‘Naa Autograph’, written beautifully by Chandra Bose, set to sweet music by Keeravaani and sung neatly by Chitra..
Here is my attempt at translation of the lyric into English.

“Grow quietly. Silently. Like me.”, the tiny plant cautions you,
You ought to grow humbler, it means to say, even as you grow loftier.
Listen. Success beckons to you. Right at the place you had suffered defeat and ignominy.
True, this place is strewn with autumnal leaves. But look, don’t you find those tender shoots above, from where they have fallen off?
Agreed, you are far, far off from your destination. Don’t worry, my friend.
There are means and ways that’ll take you there.Bear with the pain.The baggage is heavy,
I know. But think of the flood of smiles that is sure to greet you soon.
Do you remember the tales of yore ? They struggled to churn the ocean. What did they get at first ? Yes, It was a terrible miasma.
Did they fag out? No, they struggled even harder. Till they got ambrosia.Just the thing they strove for.
Heavenly bliss lies in store in distant Utopia. But wait, Deep trouble can overwhelm you along the way.
See, there is that bridge of hardships, yonder. Move along. Drag yourself along the shaky bridge. To attain the bliss.
This is the gospel, only if you discern. You can grasp your goal, only if you
set about to achieve it.
Sweat it out, change your destiny,
Remember. There is nothing that you can’t change.
Clench your fist, make your future.
There is nothing that is so predetermined in this unfolding story, of yours.
They say The Almighty writes your destiny on your brow. As He pleases.
But, believe me, you can and ought to write your destiny on your very same brow. Just the
way, You prefer It.
Let the angels , bow their heads as they look with awe at your fortitude and grit.
Let the very heavens build You, temples of worship. Whereever you set your feet. Bless them so.
Let the Fate doff It’s hat at your determination.
Let your saga pave the way to a perennial procession of inspiring profiles, like yours. In courage.
“But grow quietly. Silently. Like me,”,the tiny plant exhorts.

Here is the lyric in Roman Script.

Mounam gaanae yedagamanee mokka neeku chebutundee.
Yedigina koddee vodagamanee ardhamanduloa vundee
Apajayalu kaligina choatae gelupu pilupu vinipistundee
Aakulanni raalina choatae kotta chiguru kanipistundee.

Dooramento vundanee digulu padaku, naestamaa!
Dariki chaerchu daarulu koodaa unnaayigaa
Bhaaramento undanee badha padaku, naestamaa !
Baadha venta navvula pantaa vuntundigaa

Saagara madhanam modalavagaanae vishamae vachchindee
Visugae chendaka krushi chestaenae amrutamicchindee
Avarodhaala deevullo aananda nidhi undee.
Kashtaala vaaradhi daatina vaariki sontamavutundi
Telusukunte satyamidi. Talachukonte saadhyamidi
Chemata neeru chindagaa, nuduti raata maarchuko
Maarchalenidedi ledani, gurtunchuko
Pidikili biginchagaa, cheti geeta maarchuko.
Maariponi kadhale levani, gamaninchuko.
Toachinattugaa andari raatalu, brahme raastadu
Nachchinattuga nee talaraatanu, nuvve raayaali.
Nee dhairyaanne darsinchi, daivaale tala dinchagaa
Nee adugullo gudikatti, swargaale tariyinchagaa
Nee sankalpaaniki, aa vidhi saitam chetulettaali
Antuleni charitalaki, aadi nuvvu kaavali

This song reminds me of a poem, a translation into Telugu, by Yenugu Lakshmana Kavi, of a Sanskrit verse of Bhartruhari, from his book of Subhaashitams, ( wise sayings)..It was a poem we were required to learn by rote in our school days, and I still remember it, thanks to my teachers who weilded the ”bettam’, the cane, of course, sparingly.

Here is my attempt to translate the verse into English, followed by the Telugu version in Taetageethi (clear verse) metre, by Yenugu Lakshmana Kavi and the original verse in Sankrit.
First, my attempt at translation into English

Did the celestials get satisfied by the enticing gems that spewed forth from the ocean when they churned it?
Were they frightened by the obnoxious miasma that issued forth from the depths of the ocean?
Did they abandon their effort until the ambrosia they hoped to obtaim, emerged ?
The skilled ones do not rest or leave their enterprise, before their ambitions are fullfilled, do they?

The elegant Telugu translation of the Sanskrit verse by Yenugu Lakshmana Kavi.

Tanisirae vaelpul-udhadhi ratnsmula chaetha ?
Verachirae ghoara kaakoala vishamu chaetha ?
Vidachirae yathnam-amruthambu podamu danuka ?
Nischia-ardhambu viduvaru nipuna mathulu.

Sanskrit original of Bhartruhari.

Rathnair-maha-abdhaesth-ushur na daevaa,
na bhaejirae-bheema vishaena bheetim
sudhaam vinaa na prayayur-viraamam,
na nischita-ardhaad-wiramanthi dheeraah.

Coming back to the song under subject, from the movie Naa Autograph, let me share a video clip of the song posted by shekar476 on YouTube

And here is an inspiring story featured on the NTV, of an young man visually impaired right from his birth, Srinivas who is more versatile than a normally endowed person. He works in the Commissionerate and directorate of agriculture, Hyderabad as a Senior Assistant for a living, but is a constant source of inspiration to many of his friends, associates and relatives, howsover they may be endowed in respect of physicl faculties.

Then the URL below, takes you to a video clip of a feature of ETV2, about the song and its making.


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