Times, they are a-changin , yes, Rojulu Maaraayi.

The TV reporter Rambabu ( ‘power star’ Pawan Kalyan), knows, not just breaking news but even breaking bones,- of those who break the rules and the lives of common men. He knows much more than that, say like dancing lustily, yes literally lustily with pelvic gyrations and hip-ic thrusts at his colleague cameraman, rather cameraperson, Ganga (Tamanna) who courteouly reciprocates her colleague’s graceful gestures.
And he sings in a racy parody of Kanada ragam, paeons to the ‘ nagu momu’ of the young lady., in the recent hit movie, ‘ Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu’

The refrain goes like this, ” nee nagu momae extrordinary,. Dani siga taragaa, extrordinary.” loosely translated, it means, ” Your smiling face, is extraordinary. Damn it to perdition, it’s extrordinary.” I have retained the Telugu word,’extrordinary’, as it is, because I do not find an equivalently evocative English word. As regards the word,’ daan siga taraga.’, I thought of making a literal translation as, ‘let’s shorn the bun on its head’, but then I thought it sounded too banal. So I have translated it to a more aesthetic and spiritual-sounding, , ‘damn it to perdition’,
Dylan is correct, – ‘Times, they are a-changin’. And Waheeda Rehman too, when she declared a decade earlier to Dylan in her scintillating debut dance in the 1950’s Telugu movie, Rojulu Marayi, ‘times have changed.’
i wonder how Rambabu and Ganga would look and act like say forty years from now, granting that they are not separated meanwhile thanks to s.498A and mutual consent and the times that seem to be a-changin, fast and sure.
But if they perchance, persist and pull together, then I am not certain how they will look. May be they’ll, look somewhat the way NTR and Anjali Devi look in the following YuTube video clip from the old movie, ‘Badi Panthulu’, with Anjali Devi singing in placid Ananda Bhairavi ragam
,– well, – ‘ nee nagu momu’.

Here is my translation of this poignant lyric by Atreya rendered beautifully by P.Sudeela, into English, it may sound a bit maudlin, but I like it.

Let me continue to behold your smiling face till the end of my life,
Let this sacred thread that you had secured around my neck with three tight knots remain unravelled around my neck, let this vermilion mark I am entitled to wear as your spouse stay secure on my brow, let me leave before you exit this world.
I do not know whether I served you well, I know not too, whether I caused you some unintended offense or slight now and then, but I know that I stayed firm and steadfast beside you through thick and thin. I followed ever, in your foot steps. Let me continue to behold your smiling face to the end of my life,
The children had grown their wings, they have left. You stay beside me, your limbs grown weak.We remain together here like yellowed leaves.
Yes. .We remain like yellowed leaves. God knows to celebrate how many festivals wearily,more.
But let me continue to behold your smiling face till the end of my life
I know not what arduous penances i had undergone diligently, that I could secure you, my God, as my partner in life.
My appeal to the Gods has been to let me be a tiny oil lamp glowing forth in your presence
My only wish is to go on beholding your smiling countenance to the end of my life

You can find the Telugu lyric at the following URL.


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