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The moor around Wuthering Heights

One of of the great novels that I read in my teens was Wuthering Heights. Here is a link to a site dedicated to this great novel.

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Video: How Cucumber Tendrils Curl – ScienceNOW

An old Telugu song goes, ” The tender vine of the flowering plant wound itself around the mango tree. The.extent of love of each for the other is indescribale.” ‘ Maamidi chettunu allukunnadee Madhavee latokatee. Yaemaa praema sampadaa intintanalaemu. Madhavi … Continue reading

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Lead Kindly Light, Tamaso Maa Jyotirgamaya.

The sacred month of Karthikam is over. In culmination, the missus has contented herself with floating oil lamps in the placid waters of a big plastic tub within the house. In the past, when the streams nearby or even the … Continue reading

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Down Under, Way Beneath The Rafters.

Lying flat on my back on the mat, I keep looking vacantly, at the ceiling.. I have carefully peeled away the scabs on my brow, temple, elbow and knee on the left side of my body, but a bit of … Continue reading

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The Straight Dope: Why do humans have so little body hair?

Here is a link which offers an insight into possibly why we humans are not hirsuite. Some two decades ago I read a book named, ‘ The Naked Ape ‘ by Desmond Morris dealing with this interesting topic. I find … Continue reading

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Telugu-English om-line dictionary

Here is a link to a dictionary you may find useful

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Sing with the wilting flowers, Sing with the blossoming buds.

Here is a beautiful song from the 1989 hit movie of Mani Ratnam, –Geetanjali ,featuring Nagarjuna and Girija Shettar in the lead roles. The story is about an young man diagnosed to have only a few months to live. He … Continue reading

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