Weighty conundrums, these are. Leave them aside It is your Job to get on with your life.,

Here is a poignant exchange between an young woman who is sore with the Creator for having condemned her beautiful young companion, to a dreary widow’s existence, and the unfortunate lady who seems to be reconciled to the inscrutable ways of the Omniscient and Omnipotent One.The exchange reminds one of The Book of Job, of The Old Testament.
This beautiful duet is from the 1961 Telugu movie Batasari. The movie is based on the novel, Bada Didi, by the great Bengali novelist Sarath Chandra Chaterjee. The protaganists in the video are Devika and Bhanumathi. The lyric is by Samudrala Jr.

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Here is a translation of the Telugu lyric into English.
There are some things that you can perceive alright,, – but they’re just mirages, you can not hope to grasp or hold them.
There exist beings, beautiful and cute to behold, but aren’t fortunate enough to lead a life of comfort or ease.
1.There are delicious fruits that are borne by the earth, but do not go to quench the pangs of hunger of anybody.
And, there are some feelings exquisite, that brim in your mind, but alas, are ineffable.
2. If it is God-Almighty that had created all things, did he have to create destruction and decay as well ?
If it is the Gracious God that had granted us the faculty of speech, did he have to create mutes also?
3. if it is indeed the Almighty that had given us our eyes, why did he have to create the blind too?
If it is God that had created light, then why did he have to create darkness again? Utter darkness?
4. Even people who are well-versed in the scriptures, can not discern the mystery behind Creation.
Do not dare to question or heckle the Omniscient One. Your mind and your knowledge aren’t enough for that.
5.It is the lot of people at large, to live a perplexed existence, unable to unravel all these unfathomable mysteries.
It is right and proper that we stop groping for answers and start in earnest to lead our lives.

Here is the transliteration of the lyric into Roman script.

Kanulaku-dochee chaetik-andanee endamavlunnai
Soyagam-undee sukhamu nochanee brathukul-unnavee konnee.
1.Bhumi-janinchee aakali-k-odagani phalamu-l-unnavee konni.
Manasuna nindee palukaga-raanee talapu-l–unnavee konni,
2.Srushti chaesindi daevudaina mari naasamun-aela srujinche?
Palukun-osaginadi daevudaina mari moogalan-aela srujinche?
3. Kanulan-osaginadi daevudaina mari andhulan-aela srujinche?
Velugun-osaginadi daevudaina mari cheekatin-aela srujinche?
Penu cheekatin-aela srujinche?
4.Vaeda-sastramulu chadivina vaarae yerugaru srushti vilaasam.

Alpabuddhito jnana daatanae salupaku parihaasam.
5.Bratukantaa palu prasnala mayamai bratukunu jana samudaayam.
Badulu kosamai vedukuta maani brathukutayae nyaayam.


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