INDIA BACKPACKER: Tribute to Krishnadevaraya

The URL at tge end of this post provides a concise biography of the eminent Emperor of Vijaya Nagara, Sri Krishna Deva Raya. He was a charismatic ruler, loved all across South India, as an erudite scholar and connisseur of arts.
Telugu films like Tenali Ramakrishna and Malliswari celebrate his memory. In our childhood we had a lesson in our Telugu Reader about him which had an artist’s imaginary illustration of the emperor. The headgear and the likeness we normally associate with the emperor and the headgear his statue at Tank Bund, (ravaged by vandals last year), was sculpted with I feel are basically derived from that illustration. From a historical first person account of the time i had read a few decades ago ( I have lost the book somewhere over the years) he was not so hefty as NTR or his son Bala Krishna who portrayed the emperor in older movies or Sri Kanth in the current Deva Raya movie. He was of medium or average in build and wiry, and brown on the darker side in complexion and pock-marked in his face, from his childhood affliction of small pox.
He was a keen and adroit horseman who enjoyed horse riding and taming wild horses a lot. And his headgear wasc likely a long conical fez cap, embellished with a golden border. In fact the staute of him with his two spouses at the Tirumala temple wears such a crown.
(Sri Krishna Deva Raya(1509-1530 AD) Emperor of Vijayanagar, and his queensTirumala Devi to his left, and Chinna Devi to his right. The Krishna Raya Mandapam or Pratima Mandapam, in the main temple complex, is named after him)
Door Darshan ran a serial based on Jawaharlal Nehru’s Discovery of India, about three decades ago,which was entitled, ‘ Bharat ek Khoj’. A few episodes in the serial , depicted a brief Biography of this great king, though it did not make much reference to his scholarly pursuits.


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