Video: How Cucumber Tendrils Curl – ScienceNOW

An old Telugu song goes, ” The tender vine of the flowering plant wound itself around the mango tree. The.extent of love of each for the other is indescribale.” ‘ Maamidi chettunu allukunnadee Madhavee latokatee. Yaemaa praema sampadaa intintanalaemu.
Madhavi plant as far as I know is the Guruvinda plant, but I am not sure. I do not know what it is called in English.The seed of the plant are clothed in a shiny skin, one half of which is bright red and the other black. The seeds were traditionally used to weigh precious things like golden Jewellery, gems and as a measure in Traditional Indian medicine..The seed is of the size of a Toor Dal ( what do we call it in English) seed.
Here is a link to a fascinating video and story about the science behind how the tendrils of a cucumber vine grasps a solid support, in this case a bamboo.


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