My Lord ! Why tarry ? Come to my rescue. Yochana? Kamala Lochana !

I have not touched my violin for quite some time. In fact I have not been doing any other thing even, remotely tangible these days.. So I make up my mind to bootstrap myself up from out of my pit of self-pity and lethargy. I take out the frayed to-do list from out of my wallet, in order to prioritize it and To strive and tick off a few things from it, one after another. What best thing to start off my endeavor, than to start, well, fiddling once again,? Other burning or rather, pressing,, things can be made to wait a bit.
I busy my self with applying resin to the bow, tuning the violin and coaxing my complaining limbs to try and persuade the instrument to pour out a few passable notes out of it. I start with, ‘Lambodara lakumi kara ‘. Then go on to, ‘Vara veena, mrudupaani,’ then to ‘ Kamalaja dala’, and then again to ‘Syamale Meenakshi’, and then to the Bilahari Varnam.
I am so engrossed with all this, that it took me a while to notice that the missus is standing beside me waiting patiently for me to come out of my trance.
When I look up at her and smile , she tells me with feigned annoyance that she had been calling out to me from the kitchen for the past about twenty minutes, to no avail.
I smile again at her silently. The missus sings laconically, ” paa paa ; da pa ma pa da pa daa da ri nee nee daa paa gaa gaa ri sa ri ma “.
I laugh out and karaoke with her the Charanam of Darbar varnam, ” palukoomoo naa to.”. ( Talk to me, dear, please ,do,),
Durbar is really a beautiful, sensuous and magnetic raagam.

‘ Yochana, Kamala Lochana’, in Darbar is one the many compositions of Tyagaraja which I like. Here is my attempt at translation of the lyric into English.

Oh, My Lord, with dainty eyes resembling lotuses ? Do you need to consider or ponder so much ? Just to save me, to redeem me !?
Or is it that you feel, I had ignored your cues and feelers and instead begged
others for succor?
(nb: this line could be interpreted in another manner taking the word ‘Soochanaa as a stand alone interrogative. Then the meaning would be’- ‘ Or is it an indication ? That you felt that, ignorant as I am, I went on begging some others else.”)
Oh, My Lord ! The Splendorous One, surpassing the Sun in lustre.!
(nb: I feel we can construe this line more appropriately as, ” The Resplendent One ( virochanu), accompanied by Hanuman (dyuthavijitayuta), who as a young child overwhelmed the Sun, by leaping into the sky and grabbing the Sun, taking him yo be a luscious fruit.)
Do you still need to consider or ponder so much to save me, to redeem me !?

Oh Lord, extolled as the eraser of the sins of certain ( kechana) devotees of you ! Do you appropriate to yourself all such titles and appellations existent , only to vex ( nb: ‘Nannyaechana’ literally means ‘ Is it to fry me orbake me) a poor fellow like me?
You had enthroned and anointed a forest-dweller (Sugreeva) ! Oh, My Lord, who is worshipped by Tyagaraja. Do you need to consider or ponder so much ? Just to save me, to redeem poor me !?

Yōchanaa ? Kamala Loachanaa ! Nanu broava
yōchanaa ?

Soochana teliyakan-orula yaachana saesitin-anuchu neeku
toachenaa ? Dyuti vijitaayuta viroachana ! Nannu broavan-iṅka yoachanā ?

Kēchana nija bhakta nichaya paapa
vimoachana ! Kala birudul-ella koni nann
yaechanaa? KṛIta-vipina-chara-vara-aabhi-ṣheachanaa !
Tyaagaraaja poojitaa? Yoachanaa?

Here are three videos on YouTube of enthusiastic and talented youngsters rendering this great composition.
1. By Nishevita

2 By.LakshmiNarayana Chintapalli –

3. By Keyboard Sathya


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  1. Wow, this paragraph is pleasant, my younger sister is analyzing such things, thus I
    am going to inform her.

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