A lullaby to the Infant-floating-around-in the-swirling-waters-after-the-apocalypse,.

Sivayya, who has been living alone, since the demise of his dear wife, is happy. His sons, daughters-in-law and grand children have congregated at his place for her annual ceremony. The wide-eyed kids are intent to know, from the kindly old man, their innocent and simple-as-a-kid, grandpa, — a lot more than what they had already learnt from their parents. About a great, intrepid, resolute, kind and intelligent lady whose magic, turned an innocent autistic young man into a great husband and a kind father. Kind not just to his own son through her but to the poor son of the young widow around whose bare neck he brashly tied, long decades ago, a sacred thread with the firm faith that his rash act would infuse a new life into her withered existence

Life had been a mixed bag to him. Looked down upon by callous neighbors as a hopeless, good-for-nothing imbecile. Exploited and deprived by his own relatives, of his patrimony. Just an autistic statistic since the fall from his cradle while an infant.

His grandma used to worry no end as to what would become of her dear grandson, a perpetual child. Just an hapless orphan but for her, a poor old lady, with one leg already poised in her grave.

But then God had turned kinder to him since he foolhardily ventured to do a good turn to the unfortunate young widow with a child, Lalitha. Yes He had bequeathed him a resourceful and faithful wife who gracefully accepted his wild act of appropriating her to his worthless self. She chose to veer his dreary life around. She gave him great children, greater grand children, a great family.. His sons have grown from strength to glory under het watchful and kind eyes. They are prospering .They have spread their wings, they are soaring. What if they have left the place they have grown up in ?
They have their families now.

God had chosen to wrest their mother away. Leaving him in the lurch waiting patiently for the day when he could join her. But for now, he is content to stay back and cherish the memories of the beautiful years he had spent with his charming and beloved Lalitha, the delicate one.
His progeny have come home to him , even if it is for the short duration of the ceremony.This girl with the big glasses and wide eyes, when she smiles she reminds him of his late wife when she was alive and young.. The nice girl, hopes to write a biography of her grandma, so thoughtful of her. So kind towards him.
His tired eyelids close. His young wife is singing a lullaby to his infant son,

‘Laalee,laalee,lalee, jo.’ She is bathing the kid. She is going about her chores holding him. She is rocking his cradle. She is stitching him a garment.
The lullaby goes on . A lullaby, to her great son, verily, the Kid-Floating-around-in the-swirling-waters-after-the-apocalypse, Lalee, Laalee, Laalee.
The lullaby rocks the old man, whom she had patiently brought up verily as a son, along with her own sons gently into a deep slumber.
The song is from a great movie of K.Viswanath, Swathi Mutyam
Check out this video on YouTube:


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