Allow your mind to cool, my lord. Get some sleep.

The handsome man is simple. Attired in spartan raiments, he looks every bit deeply religious but in a quiet unostentatious way.. He looks some what troubled, unsure of himself.
His attractive wife, Janaki is equally simple, spartan, religious and understanding.

He looks up to her and asks, ” Janaki ! It troubles me. Is it essential for one to drown one’s conscience and earn riches just to be able to live comfortably.?”
” Money may afford you comforts. It can not grant you contentment. It is only the Good Lord that can grant you this contentment. Don’t rack your brain. Just get some sleep, you need it.”
” Even sleep seems to be wary of me. It eludes me.”
” Just you forget all you worries and go to bed. You’ll get sleep. Trust me.”

She begins to croon him a soothing lullaby,

“Get some sleep dear lord. Allow your mind to cool .
Take shelter in the Great Lord. Forget your tensions.
Of what use are riches to us ? And what use, treasures?
All the comforts of this world can be of no use,
If just , you lack peace of mind.
One’s life will sure become unbearable If one loses grip over one’s mind,
Get some sleep dear lord. Allow your mind to cool .

Agreed it’s dark now. But can it shut off the sun for all time ?
Things may have turned a bit worse now. But will the Kind Lord turn away from you?
May you be rich, may you be poor, doesn’t matter.
don’t forget to keep the Great Lord secure in your mind.
Get some sleep dear lord. Allow your mind to cool .

Janaki’s patience and Rama’s virtue,
won’t they remain exemplary to the whole world, for all time to come?
And blessed are the lives of all whosoever follows the path they have laid.
Just get some sleep dear lord. Allow your mind to cool .”

This beautiful song is from the old movie, ‘ Dhanama? Deivama?’ ( Is it riches, or is it The Lord.? Which do you prefer?”.
The lyric by C.Narayana Reddy was set to soulful music by T.V.Raju and rendered nicely by P.Suseela.

Here is a transliteration of the lyric in Roman script.

Nee madi challagaa, Swamee ! Nidhurapoa.
Daevuni needa-lo vaedana marachipoa

Yae sirul-enduku ? Yae nidhul-enduku?
Yae soukhyamul-enduku, aathma-santi lenidae?
Manishi bratuku narakam-avunu, manasu tana-di kaanide
Nee madi challaga

Cheekati musirinaa, vaekuva aagunaa?
Yae vidhi maarinaa, daivam maaruna ?
Kalimi-loana, lemi-loana, paramatmuni taluchukoa.
Nee madi challagaa

Jaanaki sahanamoo, Ramuni sugunamoo,
yae yugam-ainanoo ilake adarshamoo.
Vaari daari loana nadachu vaari janma dhanyamu.
Nee madi challaga

You can find a YouTube video of the beautiful song here.


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