Suppose we two get locked inside a room and the key is lost.

.I step back and stare. The car is gleaming. I have just washed it thoroughly and burnished it with a dry clean rag. It is reverse parked besides the flowering plants along the compound wall.
Better I park it straight, so that I can drive it right away, with out the hassle of straightening it , when I need to go out. I get in and park it beneath the neem tree and get back into the house with the key.
The flower-seller calls out, ‘Gulabi poolamma.’ (Roses for sale, ma’am). The small, sprightly guy ( one would call petite, were he a lady), commutes daily from some place near Vicarabad by a passenger train in the morning along with a basket of roses and clumps of kothmeer, menthi, paalak or other green vegetables. He sells them out within a few hours in our neighborhood and catches the afternoon train back to his place. The missus takes a small basket and buys the flowers and greens. I pick a tenner from my purse and pay him off, a daily ritual.
While outside, the car-inspector, I mean, my fair lady holding the basket of fragrant roses and alluring greens like an Eliza Dolittle. looks appraisingly at the gleaming car and approves my work, ‘ Not bad. You will come up. But then, you forgot to close the window beside the driving seat. You need to be more careful. ‘ while she begins to pluck the assorted flowers from our plants along the compound wall and add them to her basket.
I reply, ‘ Jee, ma’am saab.’ and get the key from inside the house, ( where was the need for the key , you dumkoff .) and get in the car to roll the glass pane up. Lo, the two butterflies that I have been watching since morning chasing each other have entered the car through the open window and are dumbly hitting their kopfs against the windows on the other side frantically to get out.
I open out the windows allowing them to escape and resume their chasing game around the plants afresh like a Bollywood couple.And we get back into the house closing the door behind, me crooning , ‘ Hum tum ek kamraeme band ho aur chaabi kho jaay.'( Suppose we both get locked in inside a room and the key were to be lost ?)


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