The festival of colors. The festival of scents. The festival of spring.

The festival of colors, the festival of spring. The festival of no-holds-barred, revelry, the festival of Holi is just over.And we made a bonfire of The God of Lust, well ostensibly, he lurks hidden just from sight. Beneath your skin.
Here I attempt to translate into English a lyric of Annamacharya describing the festival in terms of The Lord of The Seven Hills.

Here, there, far and wide, at this nook, at that corner, everywhere you look , it is a festival of colors, the festival of spring.
They sprinkle colors on you, over you, methodically, systematically , its ruddy, ruddy and pink everywhere.
The smile of this damsel, it is verily a sprinkle of heady camphor on you.
Her doting looks are indeed, a sprinkle of lotus blooms over you
Her wiles and graces and her sweet-nothings are, believe me, a sprinkle of scented colors on you
She doesn’t stand still for even a while , she keeps on showering colors on you. It is ruddy, ruddy, and pink everywhere.
She mock-threatens to throw color on you, the threats themselves are truly a sprinkle of delightful musk all over you.
When she rains heaps of water laced liberally with her love and lust, yes, it is verily the festival of spring, of colors, of scent.
And when she flirts cunningly with you, it sure is a sprinkle of pollen on you.
They sprinkle colors on you, its ruddy, ruddy, and still ruddy. and pink everywhere. Oh My Lord who saved the Mighty Elephant.
You are wet all over. With manna, ambrosia, with honey. Well, it is from the full lips of your lady.,
Now that ,you have joined her with love and affection, a celebration, a consummation lies ahead of you, It is indeed going to be a sprinkle ,of pearls, of sweat, for both of you.
You hug each other, you cling together,, its ruddy, ruddy, ruddy.and pink all around.
Here, there, far and wide, at this nook and at that corner, everywhere you look., it is a festival. Of colors, Of scents. Of spring.

Here is the Telugu original in Roman script.

Vaadala vaadala ventaa vasanthamoo
Jaadatoa challaeru nee pai jaajara, jaajara, jaajara.

Kaliki navvule neeku kappura vasanthamu
Wala choopu kaluvala vasanthamoo
Kuliki maataadinade kumkuma vasanthamu
Chalamuna challe neepai jaajara jaajara jaajara

Kaamini jankena neeku kasturi vasanthamoo
Vaamula moahapu neeti vasanthamoo.
Boomela sarasamula puppodi vasanthamoo
Saamaja gurudaa nee pai jaajara jaajara jaajara

Angana adharam-icchae amrutha vasanthamoo
Sangadi Sri Venkatesa sathi goodithi
Mungati rati chemata-muttaelu vasanthamoo
Sangath-aayen-iddarikee jaajara jaajara jaajara.

Here in this YouTube video clip Priya sisters sing this nice song aptly in Vasantham.
Check out this video on YouTube:


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