The lord’s two consorts play the spring festival with him.,

Here is another picturesque lyric ‘Jagadapu Chanavula Jajara’ of Annamacharya (set to music aptly in Hidola Vasantham by Garmella), describing vividly the festival of spring.
Jajaraa means the red color.It could also mean playful cunningness. Springing a surprise.. The scented Gulaal powder and the pink water thrown on one another, slyly and blatantly is called Vasanthamu, literally meaning Spring,
In olden days, (mind you the lyric is over half-a-millennium old), it was customary to have gaily decorated beds, which would make suggestive noises when the couple lying on them made the slightest move. Seems like, those were the days when people were much more uninhibited and unabashed than in the liberated times we live in now.
My attempt at translation of the lyric into English is followed by a transliteration of the lyric into Roman script.

    The lord’s two consorts play the spring festival with him.,

They play games of amorous scuffles with their Lord, sprinkling on him rose-scented, pink tinted water,
it’s ruddy, its pink, its purple all over.
Their cots make groaning, sighing, plaintive noises as they wrestle so.
it’s ruddy, it’s pink, it’s purple all over.
They have decorated their heavy buns of dark hair with heavier garlands of jasmines and are flirting gaily with him, – they sprinkle pollen over the lord, even as the powder already covering him cascades down.
it’s ruddy, its pink, its purple all over.
Even as the powdered sandalwood lightly smeared on their massive bosoms looking exceedingly alluring, spills over on to their exalted spouse who is just besides them, the ladies sprinkle the colored water on him again and again.
it’s ruddy, its pink, its purple all over.

Even as they jostle and grapple together, the tightly hugging crowd, sweat out smearing each other with heady pheromones, the damsels drench the Lord of the Vaenkata hills, in an intoxicating perfume of musk.
it’s ruddy, its pink, its purple all over.

Here is the transliterated Telugu lyric.

Jagadapu Janavula jajaraa,
Saginala manchapu jaajaraa.

Mollalu thurumula mudichina baruvuna
mollapu sarasapu muripemuna,
jallina puppodi jaaraga pathi pai
jallaer-athivalu jaajara

Bhaarapu kuchamula pai pai kadu
singaaramu nerapeti gandha-vodi
chaeruva pathi pai chindaga padathulu
saareku challaeru jaajara

Binkapu kootami penageti chematala
pankapu poothala parimalamoo,
Venkatapathi pai veladulu ninchaeru
sanku madambula jaajara.

In the YouTube clip below (uploaded by Kamakiti Sankara), Priya sisters render the song. The visuals pertain to Teppostawam, the barge festival at Tirumala wherein the Lord and his two consorts are taken around the pushkarani, (lake) over the Tirumala hills.


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