Mohini Bhasmasura – The demon and the damsel.

Here is a link to the beautiful Yakshagana dance drama, Mohini Bhasmasura from the classic 1957 Telugu movie Maya Bazaar..Besides the clip from the great movie the post contains a lot more of interesting informstion about the story of Bhasmasura and also about the great performers of the dance.
For those who are not conversant with the movie Maya Bazar or the story of Mohini Bhasmasura, a brief introduction is in order.
The episode in the clip from Maya Bazar,unfolds with Ghtotkacha, ( the benign half-demon-king the son of Pandava Prince Bhima through the forest-dwelling demon-lady, Hidimbi ) instructing Chinnamayya, (the teacher whom he had employed in his forest kingdom to educate and civilize his subjects, the denizens of his forest kingdom,) to contrive by his magic an entertainment program, ( the dance drama under subject), for the enjoyment of their viditors, who are none other than his aunt Subhadra, ( Pandava prince Arjuna’s spouse) and her son Abhimanyu. Chinnamayya conjures up the fascinating dance drama.
Minai’s Cinema Nritya Gharana: Gurus Gopinath & Gopalakrishnan Dancing in Mayabazar (Telugu, 1957)


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