Jnanamu, sugnaanamu, vignaanamu. Knowledge, wisdom and science.

In a recent post of mine, I wrote a bit about Tyagaraja’s lyric ‘Jnaanam-osagaRaada. The song is an impassioned plea of the saint to grant him the transcendental wisdom that ll this universe and the inhwbitents of it were one and the same and that he was no way different or separate from them.
The celebrated Indian American astronaut of NASA, Sunita Williams,, who was in New Delhi recently to attend an event at The National Space Centre, has evidently came to asimilar realisation, albeit through her space voyages.
“My space expedition has changed my perspective towards people. Looking down at the earth, we could not see borders or people with different nationalities.It was then that realisation dawned on us that all of us were a group of human beings and citizens of the universe.”
She had also reminisced about a great friend of hers, another grest astronaut of Indian origin, the late Ms. Kalpana Chawla.
I salute to these and many such other great beings who risk their very lives for advancement of knlwledge and wisdom.amu.


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